Cowboys and Steelers losing ground: Mexican hearts are divided in NFL

The history of American football in Mexico can be traced back to the 1930s. Americans took refuge in the country during the 20th century and brought parts of their culture to the Gulf states. The tradition of tackle football has been going from strength to strengthboth at the student level football ONEFA University is the same as the NFL itself. Mexico has the largest NFL fan base in the world outside the United States.

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According to the latest research from the NFL Mexico office, It is estimated that there are more than 40 million fans nationwideof which an average of 12 million are ardent fans.

The Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys have historically dominated Mexican fans at a high rate. The two most representative teams in the league, with the largest number of fans in the countryalthough this trend has been declining in recent years.

Here’s the latest NFL coverage, Shows Cowboys and Steelers are the most watched teams in the countryalthough the gap has narrowed significantly compared to a few years ago.

ARTURO OLIVÉ strives to have a solid fan base for all series of products

This has been one of the main goals of Arturo Olivé’s front office since he joined NFL Mexico’s front office more than a decade ago “Share the fan pie” among the league’s 32 teams.

There are also more traditional franchises Just as the Cowboys and Steelers already know the importance of the Mexican market, others are just discovering it. By dividing the vermicelli pie more evenly, that’s part of what we’re looking for. We are a league of 32 teams”, Arturo Olivé agrees.

Oliver seeks to balance fan numbers across all franchises / Photo: Oswaldo Figueroa

32 NFL teams growing in popularity in the country. One of my first priorities since I arrived has been to make the cake bigger. Ultimately, the Patriots and other teams are getting closer, although Pittsburgh and Dallas still lead. Ten years ago, the ‘top ten’ gave you 90% of your followers, now it’s closer to 55%. We’ve managed to distribute the slices more fairlyadded the manager.

Unlike what happened before he came to power, There are now growing fan clubs for all franchises. The NFL is represented by representatives from the American League and National League.

How are fans generated?

Coupled with the team’s persistence and inheritance passed down from generation to generation, The success of the team itself in the sport also affects within the grid.

Among the five teams with the most fans in the country, Four of them haven’t lifted Vince Lombardi in more than a decade. Their continued losses, especially in Dallas and Pittsburgh, have led to a dwindling number of fans.

Dak Prescott seeks sixth ring for Cowboys/Photo: Reuters

The opposite of what happened Two of the most successful teams of the past era.On the one hand, they are Tom Brady’s New England PatriotsSix Super Bowls have been won so far in the 21st century; for another Patrick Mahomes’ Kansas City ChiefsNew Dynasty.

two franchises They are firmly in the top 10 NFL teams with the most fans In Aztec territory. The Patriots have climbed to third place, while the Chiefs currently sit in eighth place.

in the end Fan support depends on the results achieved by the team On the field, Dallas and Pittsburgh haven’t celebrated an NFL championship in a long time.

Mexico’s New NFL Fans

In the new generation, More and more kids are wearing Patrick Mahomes’ red jerseys And Tom Brady’s blues.

Pat Mahomes, 28, already has two Vince Lombardi / Photo: Reuters

Dak Prescott’s white or TJ Watt’s yellow are increasingly rare. Although the children still follow the family tradition, more than one parent has changed teams in recent years, becoming a fan of the current great ruler.

“My dad took me to Kansas State and from there I saw how good the team was. Mahomes is my favorite player, I play like him and he shoots the ball really well“Marcelo Ortega, a young fan, commented. He turned to look at his teammates and replied: “We all went to the Chiefs because of Mahomes. “

Benito Juarez Mayor Olympic Center It has a 60-yard field for practicing tochito. Nearly 100 boys and girls gathered Monday through Friday to test their skills.

The NFL makes important efforts to promote sports in Mexico/Photo: Ramón Romero

When the 2023 NFL season begins, little kids will be wearing the jerseys of their favorite teams. Team’s quarterback chooses Broncos’ No. 3 jersey in honor of Russell Wilson. “I like their quarterback, and (Courtland) Sutton, he’s a super good receiver. My dad went to the Broncos. My favorite player is Russell Wilson. He played well. “I blame my dad for going to the Broncos,” Humberto Salgado said.

There are women too. Jimena de Anda dressed up as a Patriot and claimed she was going to New England “for my dad.” He fits this team and the craze continues. “He instilled it in me and I grew to love it and now I’m practicing the sport.”

Passion for the NFL knows no gender or age. Everyone enjoys the best American Football League in the world. According to the NFL’s Mexico office, 44 percent of fans are women and that number is growing.

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