Cowboys are scary, Bengals are in trouble

HThere are three franchises National Football League Now, the second week is still far away, super bowlthey seem to be a step above the rest, dreaming more than others of going to Las Vegas next February. Dallas Cowboys, San Francisco 49ers and Philadelphia Eagles They were the most complete team in the first two games.we must also count on miami dolphinswhich will boost your cache every week, and there are some baltimore ravens Despite the injury, he started the tournament with two wins. Everyone is 2-0.this kansas city chiefsThe current championship team, like the Jaguars, started their winning streak against the Jaguars, and like the Bills, they continue to hold the title as favorites. Both men calmed down a bit as the alarms began to sound around them.We’ll break it all down in episode three Macca Radio Touchdown Let’s take a look at this week’s notes.

Outstanding: Dallas Cowboys

2-0, scored 70 points in two games and scored 10 points. For the Cowboys, currently the best defense in the NFL, there is little to add early in the season. They defeated two New York teams, the Giants and Jets, 40-0 and 30-10, and while their Week 1 schedule was arguably not the most difficult in the league, their offense proved to be extremely solid. And on defense. Micah Parsons is the No. 1 candidate for Defensive Player of the Year, and Dak Prescott is finally starting to trust CeeDee Lamb 100 percent, The latter accumulated 220 receiving yards in two dates. everything is normal.

Notable Team: Baltimore Ravens

Beating the Texans might not seem like a big deal, but beating the Bengals in Cincinnati is a big deal. A healthy Lamar Jackson is a candidate for Player of the Season, which makes us forget about the injury to Dobbins, the team’s best running back. The quarterback is lethal in both the passing and running games. It is now untenable. On their radar, rookie Zay Flowers has established himself on the team, while the return of tight end Mark Andrews provides the offense with more depth. Lots of chips. They, along with the Dolphins, continue to fuel in extraordinary fashion and are the best team in the AFC.

Good: Baker Mayfield

Getting Mike Evans and Chris Goodwin on every drive helps, but the much-maligned Baker Mayfield’s start for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was more of a surprise. The No. 1 pick in the 2018 draft has arrived in Florida to take over for Tom Brady. Big words and huge pressure for a player who has always been in the spotlight. The team is currently 2-0 and Mayfield has not added any interceptions.

Suspense: Justin Fields

Something is happening in Chicago, and it’s not good. The team, which traded the No. 1 pick in last draft for receiver DJ Moore and future rounds, is 0-2 and feels like quarterback Justin Fields has turned his head elsewhere. He left questions in the first game loss to the Packers, but his performance was even worse in the second game against the Buccaneers. Ridiculous losses, incapacity, and worrying reluctance in most of their actions. The future of the team doesn’t depend on him, and the Bears should start thinking about something.

Suspense (Encore): Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals are off to an 0-2 start, the same start they started last season when they reached the conference finals, but something feels different about one of the championship hopefuls. Joe Burrow’s calf injury may never fully heal, and the game was rushed, the offense couldn’t get its act together and the defense couldn’t save them. The situation was still salvageable, but both losses came against division rivals the Browns and Ravens, both of which were doubly damaging. Time to wake up.

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