CR7 star sales record

he Sporting Lisbonteam among them Cristiano Ronaldo Making his debut as a professional footballer in the 2023-24 season, he has released a jersey in tribute to the Portuguese star, which is a best-seller, he guarantees. Frederico Varandasclub president.

Sporting CP looking to make the most of Cristiano Ronaldo’s profile

Likewise, the Portugal coach explained that not taking full advantage of the Portuguese’s profile would be a mistake. Cristiano Ronaldohe is regarded by Portugal as the best football player in history.

Sporting Lisbon launches Cristiano Ronaldo commemorative jersey.

Instagram: @sportingcp

“Let’s not be stupid or blind, it would be a strategic mistake if we did not take advantage of the best product we have produced so far, and the T-shirt is an example of this,” the Sporting CP president said during his participation in the World Cup. event. Thinking Football Summit.

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Sporting CP’s Sports City is also named after Cristiano Ronaldo

However, tribute loopholes Not only did they leave a commemorative jersey, Lisbon also decided to name the sports city after the former Real Madrid goal scorer.

“I want a kid who comes into the academy to feel like he can be ronaldo. “It’s fair to both Ronaldo and Sporting Lisbon,” he added.

Sporting Lisbon pays tribute to Cristiano Ronaldo

Instagram: @sportingcp

The 38-year-old striker made his debut with Sporting Lisbon in the 2002-03 season, scoring just five goals in 31 games. However, his extraordinary talent opened the door to Manchester United, where he played for 6 years. Four seasons, full of success.

With the Red Devils, CR7 won almost everything, including the 2008 UEFA Champions League; in 2009, he became a Real Madrid player and began to write the best period of his career.

At Real Madrid, Ronaldo continued to win championships, including four Champions League titles; in 2018, he tried his luck at Juventus, and in 2021, he returned to Manchester United to experience the second stage of the Premier League.

After the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, Cristiano severed all ties with Manchester United and went to Saudi Arabia to play with Al Nassar Football Club.

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