Crazy about a mature man: the most beloved generation Z

You knowmature man always produces a certain charm, especially on the younger ones. It will be becauseexperiencefrompower cover or just real beauty and is not taken for granted (as it can be among the “young” twenty-year-olds), the fact is that the figure “daddyleads to population decline and reaps sacrifices even among the youngest people.

To prove this, we chose 8 celebrities who ideally embody this concept: mature men, but who are very popular with very young people (and not only them, of course). Ready to check out the list?

Pedro Pascal, the mature man who (also) conquers Generation Z

Aged 48 years oldactor Pedro Pascal became one of the most beloved sex symbols even among the youngest. Thanks to his deep eyes, broad shoulders and, why not, mustache: in a very short time, he turned into daddy most loved on social media and beyond (complete with memes AND video trend to prove it).

Actor Last of us joined our crush team, and now all eyes are on him.

Johnny Depp – timeless classic

Charm Johnny Depp captivated generations of fans. From her first big screen appearances to her latest blockbusters, she has captured the hearts of girls and women of all ages. And today, 60 years played, is still considered one of the sexiest men on the planet.

Also thanks to him sympathyhalo mystery and madness that it seems to emanate, but also its ability to show itself as it is, with all its fragility and even weakness.

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Milo Ventimiglia is cool at any age

With his raven hair, sweet eyes and square jaw. Milo Ventimigliadespite his own 46 years old years, always in great shape. And his bad-boy image immediately won us over, even before he became a sultry mature man.

We admired him when he played the part bad guy V mom for a friend and made us fall in love completely dad jack in This is us: how do you stay immune to Charm this wonderful actor.

Chris Martin, mature romantic

One of Chris Martin it is an extraordinary beauty. Although he’s not a classic beach babe on paper, the Coldplay frontman knows how to captivate with a simple look.

It will be a charm romantic musician To win us over, the fact is that Chris is loved by people of all ages, not just us fans. Just look at the list of his loves, among which are such names as Gwyneth PaltrowTaylor Swift or current girlfriend Dakota Johnson

Brad Pitt, even more charming as an adult

Brad Pitt it is like a good wine: with age it only acquires value and taste. If in childhood he was a classic clean face from another poster (and what a face!), then today with his 59 years old it shows us that beauty is not fleeting and that it is possible to be charming even after the “door”.

Actor Once Upon a Time in Hollywood he is one of those who unites everyone, the old and the new generation.

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Robert Downey Jr, beauty superpower

Also Robert Downey Jr. it was a pleasant discovery for new generations. Thanks to the success of his iconic role in iron Man, a daring and cynical superhero who has earned the recognition of millions. Today at 58 years oldis considered one of not only the most beautiful, but also the most charming mature men.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Peter Pan of Hollywood

He made our hearts beat on board Titaniche showed us all his perspicacity in try to catch mehe sweated at the oscars survivor: how can you not love Leonardo DiCaprio? It will be that in the general imagination our Romeo will forever remain, the fact is that the actor 48 years old women and girls like it very much.

And it seems mutual: what everyone now calls the eternal Peter Pan from Hollywood seems to have a soft spot for very young models!

Jude Law, a handsome and swarthy mature man

From the top of it 50 yearsactor Jude Law she still knows how to make her fans’ hearts beat faster. Translator Love doesn’t go on vacation He seems to be especially successful among the new generations as well.

How to blame him: he has a beautiful physique, a special and interesting face, talent natural for acting… nice and darkdeserves a place on this list.

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