‘Crazy in Love’ by Beyoncé turns twenty: The looks and success of a hit

Crazy in Love turns 20: 5 reasons why it was (and always will be) a national anthem.

It is said that sometimes time blurs memories, but when their influence is such as to mark a precise season of life, there is nothing that can scratch the memory. It is certain that in front Crazy in Love, For example, many Millennials (and not only) used to sing with their eyes closed. we are talking about the song with which the bus 22 year old beyonce Following the success of Destiny’s Child, he officially began his solo career. A declared hit, it was released to the press in May 2003 and continued to chart throughout the following summer. Although this is not a simple hit and run summer hit, Crazy in Love It has come to stay with us. At the disco and on any other dance floor – you can confirm – the first notes are enough to ignite wild dances, demonstrating that For the last twenty years it has no effect on the enamel, In contrast, the hit has seen its value increase from year to year, becoming a real landmark in pop. Breaking free from Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland, Beyoncé established herself on the international scene in the early 2000s thanks to successful singles. Child And naughty girlbut it’s really Crazy in Love The first real pillar of his discography. Beyoncé herself is very proud of it and makes a point of having it in her lineup during her tours. This song is the first single of the album dangerously in Love Produced and Released by Columbia Records 24 June 2003 (date of release European). We want to celebrate the last twenty years by focusing on a few key points.

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1 – The main riff is a sample from the seventies

woodwind and especially trumpet solos on which the backbone rests Crazy in Love they were sampled from the song are you my woman (tell me so) chi-lightsAmerican soul R’n’B group that experienced success between the 60s and 70s. thought was Rich HarrisonThe author of the text and all other musical parts of the song, whom Beyoncé trusted after some initial hesitation: “nobody uses trumpets in pop anymore, The singer’s vocal personality is able to infuse new energy into that riff, turning it into one of the least known but paradoxically most successful pop samples of the century.

2 – Music Video Effects

at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards Crazy in Love won two statuettes for Best Female Video of the Year and Best R’n’B Video. Some of the choreography that has become famous was created by Beyoncé herself.The ballet “Uh Oh” on the Bridge is still a classic in all live performances today. But it’s the singer’s look that has made the biggest mark in the collective imagination. From baseball cap, worn with low-waisted rapper pants, flaming Stuart Weitzman heels worn with a stripped-down top by Prada, and even more minimal shorts. to prestigious orange versace dress and fuchsia worn in the catwalk scene in front of a maxi fan.

3 – Madly In Love At The Super Bowl 2013

In America it is not just any TV show, it is the show. Amazing system, millions of connected viewers from all over the world, staggering numbers. We’re talking about the Super Bowl, which was a pivotal moment in the careers of many greats Madonna’s Worth, From Whitney Houston to Bruce Springsteen, In 2013, for the tenth anniversary of her solo debut, it was Beyoncé’s turn to sing, dance and give style lessons. Thirteen minutes at a time for an explosive half time, complete with fireworks shots from the guitar. in the lineup halo, Unmarried women and other hits from the repertoire. very special Crazy in Love Which helped turn this performance of Beyoncé into one of the best of her career.

4 – Madly in love at Coachella

Such was Beyoncé’s influence on Coachella that that edition of the festival was renamed sold, One hundred and twenty minutes of performances, five stage costumes by Balmain, one hundred elements including dancers and musicians on stage, and countless epic moments. The entry, for example, did not surprisingly appear on the notes of his most recognizable piece, Crazy in Love, Yellow Crop Top Sweatshirt, Ripped Denim Shorts In a plunging back and knee-high crystal boots, Queen B set the show on fire with her presence on stage and entered history from the right side: She is the first African-American woman to preside over the rally.

5 – A feminist statement in unthinkable times

On several public occasions, the singer explained the meaning of the song: «Crazy in Love Celebrates women empowerment. It’s about a girl in love who, driven by her feelings, finds herself behaving in ways she wouldn’t normally do in a relationship., But he doesn’t care. All he is interested in is voicing his mad love. Statements such as the one charged with sexuality marked a turning point in the contemporary music scene: Women are no longer the mistresses of the gangsters of the time, but supporters of a different approach to the hip hop and R’n’B sceneTill then there was dominance of male-dominated culture.

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