Creepy teaser for the 12th season of “American Horror Story”

Feel at home in your own body, according to Giulia Peditto.

American Horror Story Season 12 Teaser: “Gentle”

Horror series (horror, as some would say), which was a great success, signed by Ryan Murphy (authored by Glee, among others) is back to make us tremble with her 12th season already promising to be full of moments sure to be iconic. Perhaps to become iconic like some of the scenes from the first seasons of AHS? Let’s see.

The cast of the new season

Meanwhile, a respectable cast can give us hope; not so much because of his remarkable acting skills, but because of his combination pop culture, eccentric and recitative typical of Murphy’s register: we all remember the brief but vivid image of a scream queen Ariana GrandeRight?

Actually the main characters Emma Roberts (the director’s favorite and former protagonist of the seasons coven, freak show AND 1984), model Dear Delevingne AND Kim Kardashianwhich in 2021 came out into the world dubbing working on one of the characters Paw Patrol – Movie, and who is now trying to make an acting career. With them are other great actors and returns from the Murphy universe: Billy Lourd, Zachary QuintoDenis O’Hara, Michaela Jae Rodriguez, Debra Monk, Julie White, Annabelle Dexter-Jones and Odessa A’cyon.

Texture Delicate

There Season 12 of American Horror Story has a name Gentle and inspired by the novel of the same name; The main character of the story is a pregnant mother who fears for herself and her child, convinced by the presence of a dark presence. threatens her pregnancy (in general style rosemary baby, Polanski film of the 1970s). How will the three actresses chosen for the role surprise us?

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