Cremona: Attempts to break car windows in front of the Carabinieri barracks

Cremona: Steals a light fixture from a construction site and tries to break car windows. Blocked and reported by the carabinieri of the radiomobile section.

A 39-year-old man was reported injured

Carabinieri Radiomobile Section of Cremona reported aggravated theft, damage and possession of burglary tools foreign citizen 39 years, convicted and lives in the province of Modena. The events took place that night on Viale Trento and Trieste. Cremonanear the Santa Lucia barracks.


Around one o’clock in the morning, the soldiers who were in the barracks heard a very loud noise coming from Viale Trento and Trieste and they immediately left the barracks to conduct an inspection. From the windows of the barracks, other soldiers noticed a man hiding among the parked cars, and the soldiers on the road, as directed, stopped him. came and blocked it.

Even though they do not have any documents with them, they have them in the form of sheets containing their personal details. identified as 39 year old.

Lighting device stolen

Found next to him lighting device used on construction sites, torn and damagedFrom him I used to try to break the windows of parked cars. In fact, they found the flashing device and the battery that powered it, the latter having been damaged and modified so that sharp objects to break windows.

Break car windows

Subsequent investigations made it possible to verify that shortly before this he torn lighting device at a construction site was at the intersection with Via Palestro, then drove along Trento and Trieste until he came to the barracks. He broke the lamp and modified the battery to be used as blunt objects, but was unable to achieve his goal because he was stopped in time.

They searched him, and in the backpack he was carrying with him, Several screwdrivers, wrenches and steel pliers were found., everything is under arrest. Subsequent identification investigations confirmed that he was a 39-year-old from the province of Modena.

So, the 39-year-old man was aggravated theft, criminal damage and possession of burglary tools were reported.

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