Crises of the lady to beat on the third season of ‘The crown’


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The actress, uk, Olivia Colman plays the tension and the pent-queen Elizabeth II (photo: Sophie Mutevelian/divulgao)

By the time the crisis comes, it is in the store ningum. Not even the Windsor. With lanamento on a Sunday (the 17th), the first season of The crown (series) travels the 13-year – 1964 to 1977, silver jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, in the middle of many of the problems that the public and the private sector.

Institutional crisis, with the edition of the work, all the tension successively on the body. The financial crisis led to desvalorizao of the British pound and the requirement for the support of the Fund in exchange for the International monetary Fund (IMF). The crisis of middle age of both the Queen and the prncipe Felipe, if you do not see commitments chafurdados on a day-to-day maantes, and inteis. The crisis of the family, the Princess Margaret, one advantage of the problem; o prncipe Charles, on exactly what is expected to be the crown of them. The crisis energtica – a strike that the cuts by the country in the dark.

The most well-done, highly historical, the ranges in time of the production, and the mass of the crown until the third year of the new cast and the overall mood of a hangover. Come on the scene, impulsivity, and in the freshness of youth, paramount gave birth to the couple’s real-both the old (you are 40, but they wear as they were 20 years old, at most), and with a certain bitterness.

The season is less glamorous. However, as a holding company, and The crown mantm to the level of a year earlier. Emotion, work, play, and, despite a number of licenas artsticas (after all, it is a way to know what you said, one of the leading members of the inside of the shipping of the Palace of Buckingham palace), humanize, and with some verossimilhana, you inacessveis to.

on the back of the new/old Elizabeth, and on display. In 1964, when the season is, the sovereign 38-year-old has a total. “Old Woman?”, the question of the Queen by comparing it with your old profile into the current on the new stamps from the Royal Mail. Olivia Colman, is now also support for the academy award for best actress (the Queen, Anne,, let’s say, to imitate more worldly than rgida Elizabeth), on the hunt, her predecessor in the role of Claire Foy.

In the two years starting with the Elizabeth Foy the pure brilliance was the way it was dressed for the viewer, the interpreter searches for introspeco. Olivia Colman-est is always very tense and pent-up. A little smile for you. But if you have the mscara, from the crown, and it hits the right spot – all for a very econmico, no arroubos.

“She was a woman of the common. She has a humility that I don’t know about the Queen, it is also because it just feels like an ordinary woman, trapped in a is extraordinary,” he said recently to Peter Morgan, the Creator of the host.

With a cast of the outside of the corner, to Shine in the new season of d the others a chance. Gets out of the way, the arrogant and self-centered prncipe Felipe, Matt, Smith, now work tired, and wounded, is played by Tobias Menzies – more than once, it is able to overlap the image of the Queen, which he created. The shining has always, by cake, Helena Bonham Carter and a desdm, Princess Margaret, stifled by life in the inert of the world – the actress and the master of the scene give distinguish, in the second and 10 episdios, with interpretaes from each other.

In the photo below it’s value, also the Anne-of-Justice article, the semelhana impressive, with the company prncipe Charles, the youth, the role ensures a low weight and a inteligncia-day life in a lot of modorrento of Windsor. mention And for those who j -. est in the eye, to the time the most modern in this season and this is one of the histrias de wifi is the quietest in the family-the real England in the 20 century.

In the eighth, the ninth, episdios Camilla Shand (Emerald Fennell), as well as the passion for an unsecured and hang prncipe Charles, (Josh O’connor) to you. a good appetizer for the second season, in which the late Princess Diana. J the film will be debut in the year 2020, but the date was announced.


. The Third Season

. 10 episdios

. Netflix

. Premiere on Sunday (the 17th.)


Photo: Netflix/releases
(Photo: photo: photo: Netflix/divulgao)


Age is rarely kind. There are what to do in the go-ahead.” And with gremio car depreciativo, queen Elizabeth II opened the season. In 1964, at the age of 38 years with a labour Prime Minister (and the first of his reign, until then, dominated by the conservatives), and a ameaa de, a spy for the KGB.



No big-timer, who is summoned to Princess Margaret, took a dinner at the White house with Lyndon B. Johnson, vice president of JFK, the reins of the United States after the assassination of the President. A meeting full of alcohol and jokes, in a double sense, something to pass the impossible, in the Palace of Buckingham palace. Margaret saved the day.


3 – in ABERFAN

To connect sad of Minas Gerais in the country of Wales. In 1966, the breaking of a dam, a mine and coal 116 children and 28 adults in the Welsh village killed. To respond, the time delay for the Queen, tragdia, one of the biggest regret it. In the last scene of the first big-time, and Olivia Colman.



The Princess Alice, a character desglamourizada, painful, and a little-known part of the family for real, you win in the due to the prominence of this episdio, which brings in the borough of Windsor in its efforts to a much risvel closer to your image of the people on the street.

5 – the COUP

The test is a hit from the state, and the Queen, turning to smile to her, simply do what you love: taking care of the horses. Prior to the opening of the episdio a polmica generated. The Ex-Secretary of the press, of Elizabeth, Dickie unit, such as the number in the Sunday Times, suggest a new one “no” between her and Porchey if you race a manager of a horse. “something wrong,” he said.


Charles finally gets the spotlight. Sent to the earth to be Wales, in the face of rising nationalism, that pas in the United Kingdom, calls for their departure. O prncipe a legacy that he wanted to do theatre in the school of English, we observe, once again, you will never have a normal life.


As the man reached the moon, and the prncipe Felipe, with his last voice, still life maante the work put. In a crisis, the center-of episdio – to-speech, end-of-Tobias Menzies-one of the best moments of the season.

8 – wire rope

The grade that you earn in each malcia with the trading partners of the new Scion of the Windsors. Enchanted by Camila Shand, the ex, Andrew Parker Bowles, now the friend of the irm, Anne, Charles, approached by a renegade member of the family, the respect for the big show.


Even Charles and Camilla. The relationship suffers as a interveno on the part of the family for real, you are in the UK, in the middle of a crisis energtica.


“The satisfaction of a pain in the ass,” says Margaret. In a marriage, the Princess made it to the bottom of the poo. The Website of the irms, in the scene at the end, it comes with a queen close to and far from the image rgida presented in the course of the season.