‘Crisis Covid-19 is passing’: López Obrador


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President Andrés Manuel López Obrador in conference in the National Palace. Photo: Cuartoscuro


With the confirmation of more than a thousand 200 positive cases and over 30 deaths for the Covid-19, the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that the crisis in the health and economic lives in the country is “passing” and is soon to be released ahead.

In conference National Palace, acknowledged to citizenship by serving the instructions of measures of prevention of infections by the new coronavirus, for which, he said, the situation is not a debacle.

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“This is a temporary situation, if we want to be deeper, a transitory crisis of public health, would include also the economic. People are carrying on the 100, it is showing that the people of Mexico is aware, is not a people irresponsible, indolent,” he said.

Therefore, called the population, to redouble efforts to continue with these prevention measures dictated by the health authorities and experts in order to avoid more infections, more deaths, and the saturation of the health system.

“I ask that we continue as well, in compliance, that if we do not need to, not to get out of our houses and that we care we gather family,” he said.

Lopez Obrador also said that his administration is prepared to face, the Covid-19 at the worst time, because it has the hospital infrastructure, staff, and the medical equipment needed to care for the sick.

He stressed that in this task, you have all the necessary tools to face the worst moment of the crisis, the government is on track; however, he reiterated his call to the population to abide by measures of security and trust in the doctors and specialists to cope with the coronavirus.

“We are preparing to tackle the epidemic at the worst time, this is to have the hospitals, the beds, the equipment, and attend to the sick. We have projections of what is needed, is going well in that purpose. It is important to follow the recommendations of technicians and specialists. Is the best the team that carried out the medical strategy,” he said.

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