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Zongolica, Fla. – Despite federal and state help, flooding has left Zongolica and the region After the heavy rains, the situation remains extremely complex; “There is still a long way to go before we get back to normal,” he said.

He commented that the Sixth Military Region Command and Unit 26/a provided assistance to the city capital and Naranjar within hours of the flooding. Coordinate with the Municipal Council and the Civil Defense Secretariat (PC) to implement the Military District of DN-III-E.

Military personnel began clearing homes and other structures in Zongolica and distributing groceries in affected communities.

The Ministry of Health (SS) has implemented nursing and epidemiological surveillance operations, tracking of special medical cases (such as pregnant women or patients difficult to transfer to health units), registration and reporting of findings in temporary shelters, the area ongoing monitoring in health centers and hospitals.

The municipal seat installed a medical care module with personnel from the health jurisdiction and the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) to prevent diarrheal diseases and acute respiratory infections, skin diseases or conjunctivitis, the most common diseases registered after the event . this nature.

It is worth mentioning that in this case, the IMSS announced the birth of a girl at the shelter.

“The staff of the IMSS Bienestar Hospital in Zongolica gave birth successfully in the shelter set up in the Social Hall of the Town Hall. Despite the torrential rain, the health staff continued to provide care to the population 24 hours a day. Saturday, August 5 at 5.45pm , a daughter of a 38-year-old woman was born. Both were evaluated and cared for by a gynecologist and a pediatrician and are in good health.

rain damage count

In Zongolica alone, an estimated 119 landslides occurred near roads and 1,064 houses were damaged, according to the mayor’s office.

XE-ZON radio station “La voz de la sierra de Zongolica” was forced to suspend broadcasting due to flood damage. This radio station is the only one that broadcasts in Nahuatl and is their only form of communication in the area.

In Tequila, roads are impassable, mayor warns

In Tequila, on the other hand, Mayor Jesús Valencia Morales confirmed that the city’s roads are impassable, some of which are closed to vehicles due to damage. One of these routes is the highway that connects the cities of Orizaba and Teipango.

Diocese of Orizaba asks for help for those affected by floods

The social ministries of the Diocese of Orizaba urge the community to show solidarity with those affected by the massive flooding caused by Tropical Storm 18, as the Diocese of San Francisco de Assis has already done in the area, which was not affected.

Helkyn Enríquez Báez, spokesperson for the diocese, announced that the diocese was the first to respond and provide support to affected families.

In Orizaba, where rains caused landslides on the Orizaba section of the Puebla-Cordoba highway, vehicle traffic in the area has been intermittent or even closed for 15 hours since Friday night. The landslide occurred at the 265th kilometer of the aforementioned communication route.

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