Cristiano Ronaldo, among the players who congratulated Armando Archundia for his work


MEXICO — Armando Archundia he had a successful career as a referee, which led him to whistle in two World Cups, in addition to other tournaments and friendly matches at the international level, where he shared the court with stars, but especially remember the congratulations from Christian Ronaldo, Edgar Davids and Ronaldo , who also presented him with his t-shirt at the end of your respective encounter.

“I have a collection of t-shirts of many figures, there’s even a Edgar Davids he played in the selection of the Netherlands, that touched me to lead in a friendly match in the united States against this selection, and at the end of the match went to the locker room, he was playing and I said ‘hey lord, I want to thank, good job, I had not seen it lead and directs you very well, don’t take this the wrong way’ and gave me her t-shirt and so it is that I have several memories.

“I have the Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Limathat the selection of Brazil did me the favor of regalármela in the World cup of 2006 to the end of the game, or be at the end also recognize your effort, one treasure those memories, and to the end that the people and that kind of players will recognize your capacity, it is also important”, said the referee who retired in the 2010 in an interview ESPN Digital.

The one match in which Archundia and Davids found was given in 2002, in a duel in which the europeans imposed themselves 2-0 with annotations from Roy Makaay and Andy van der Meyde.

Archundia he directed eight matches of the World, five in Germany 2006 and three more in south Africa 2010, an event that coincided with Cristiano Ronaldo, who as captain of his selection, he approached the referee to ask him not to kicked them out because door were the final round, after the mexican had shown seven yellow in the first 45 minutes of the commitment that was 0-0 and, in the end, the Portuguese gave his shirt to the referee.

“It was a very difficult game, in 2010, a Brazil against Portugal. You both had to lose in order to advance to the next phase, then, was a game quite complicated. Pepe birth is brazilian, but has been naturalized Portuguese, since there were certain problems, the zeal of why you are giving up your country. I testified against them in seven players in the first time and I was enough to control the game and Christian he approached me at half-time to tell me ‘hey coach, I realized that you are the hand lasts, as we will behave and we will try to play, we do not want to eject because we want to play the next game’, I told him, ‘well, the decision is not mine, is yours’ and at the end of the party is going and she says to me, ‘thanks a lot, good game that controlled and directed, we understand that the Portuguese are of very strong character, we are not easy for you. I’m going to send a t-shirt, I don’t take this the wrong way’ and I did please give me the t-shirt”.

Among the winners of the whistling mexican, in addition to Global, are 14 the end of the Liga MX, two World Cups u-20, two Drinks Americas, five Gold Cups, two Olympic Games and also has games in Club World, League of Champions of the Concacaf, Copa Libertadores, among the most important.