Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi, protagonists of artificial intelligence – Football

Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds. Since the outbreak of the digital revolution, the application of the Internet and digital tools has allowed any user to store and access the information world anytime and anywhere. These tools have given rise to a world where communication and data are key factors in the advancement of artificial intelligence.

An example of this advancement is ChatGPT, a learning-based AI application that allows responses to be constructed and articulated. Although artificial intelligence is not a foolproof technology and is still in the development stage, it can have applications in areas such as audiovisual and digital communications.

A recent example that fans will enjoy is the recent publication by Real Madrid Football Club on their Tik Tok account, where you can listen to AI-generated audio messages from Cristiano Ronaldo. In the audio, the Portuguese can be heard sending messages of encouragement.

On the other hand, Argentinian Leo Messi has also become a protagonist on the Internet. @javifernandez In a video posted to Twitter, the football star can be heard speaking in fluent English. Of course, this montage was made thanks to the artificial intelligence we talked about earlier.

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