Cristiano Ronaldo and Nike, Messi and Adidas

Cristiano Ronaldo competes with two of the world’s most important football icons, Nike, Lionel Messi and Adidas, not only on the football field but also over the profitability of sponsorship deals.

Ronaldo has a lifetime deal with US sportswear brand Nike, while Messi has a similar contract with German giant Adidas.

Ronaldo has also struck business deals with giants such as Armani, Tag Heuer, Egyptian Steel, Herbalife and Italian newspaper Independent.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s football prowess captivates audiences around the world, but he also has the ability to be one of those select players whose endorsement deals go down in history. In the case of Nike, it’s on par with LeBron James and Michael Jordan, both of whom have similar contracts with the brand.

But Cristiano Ronaldo’s unprecedented deal with Nike, potentially worth $1 billion, was signed in 2016.

Under Ronaldo’s deal with Nike, he brought in a commendable $88 million in his first year at Nike. The association is suggested to generate $24 million in personal income for players each year.

Having said that, Messi is not far behind, he is no less than a World Cup winner and top scorer in the field of sports, but he has also been the world representative of Adidas since 2006, and a huge contract was negotiated after only one year. Cristiano..

The contract could also bring in about $1 billion, thanks to the Argentine player from Inter Miami.

However, it must be emphasized that the exact details of these agreements have remained secret as they are protected by confidentiality measures and trade secret practices.

What’s most incredible is that if these are the numbers in the contract, it’s because the player’s image represents the ultimate payoff for Nike and Adidas respectively, and in each case well over $1 billion.

Obviously, being considered by many to be the “best in the world” makes them practically invaluable assets.

The competition between these characters is so fierce that there is even a project that specifically measures the results of each character, so that enthusiastic people can talk to the characters about who is better.Here we leave you with a dedicated website

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