Cristiano Ronaldo denies rivalry with Lionel Messi and mentions fact he is pioneer of Arabian national team

The World League is suspended due to the FIFA dates of the European Cup qualifiers and the 2026 South American World Cup, so many important players have joined their teams to contribute their best performances in their respective international competitions.

One of those who continues to be considered in his selection despite not being among the elite is Cristiano Ronaldo, The star joined Portugal ahead of the game against Slovakia and when asked about joining Saudi Arabia he immediately said he was a pioneer.

“I know, and I still say it, everyone thinks I’m crazy.”, but it turns out that crazy isn’t that crazy after all. Playing in the Arab League is normal. As an Al Nassr player, I know this is going to happen. “I’m a pioneer and I’m proud of it” Cristiano Ronaldo mentioned forcefully.

He defends Lionel Messi and denies competition

Likewise, the star was asked about his rivalry with Lionel Messi and surprisingly mentioned that he had never had a falling out with the Argentinian star and that each went on to make their own history outside of Europe.

We are respected all over the world and that is the most important thing.He does it his way, I do it mine, the legacy continues.We have been on the same stage for 15 years, no I said let’s be friends, but we are professional colleagues and we respect each other,” Cristiano Ronaldo is done.

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