Cristiano Ronaldo enjoying Saudi league success: ‘They say I’m crazy’

Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo He said on Wednesday that he was “proud” to be a pioneer in Saudi Arabian football, recalling that everyone thought he has gone “crazy” When he said that the league in Arab countries will be one of the best.

“I know, I’ve been saying that, Everyone thinks I’m crazy, but it turns out I’m not that crazy…It is normal to play in the Arab League. As a player for Al Nasr, I knew it was going to happen,” Cristiano told a news conference in Ciudad Oeiras, a Lisbon suburb.

The Portuguese player, who has been playing for Al Nassr since the end of 2022, assured that “it is an honor to change the culture of a country and football”.

I’m a pioneer and I’m proud of it. What I want most is for it to continue to develop and thus lead,” he said.

Cristiano played down criticism of the Saudi millionaire project and players going to clubs as there are problems and controversies “everywhere”.

It is normal to be criticized, which league is not criticized? Where are there no questions and arguments? There are problems everywhere. Spain, Portugal…”, he commented.

According to Cristiano Ronaldo, Saudi league even ‘better than Portuguese league’because “there’s not as much noise” and “the quality of the names is much better”.

Christians ‘proud’ of their longevity

Cristiano Ronaldo currently plays for Portugal 20th anniversary of debuta milestone he was “proud” of because it “demonstrated longevity: “It’s difficult, but I’ve shown it’s possible,” he stressed..

For the future, he guarantees that his only goal is to “participate in the European Cup and play a great European Cup.” “We’ll see what’s left,” he added.

For Cristiano Ronaldo, “Life is dynamic and you don’t know what’s going to happen. It’s ‘enjoy the moment’ (‘enjoy the moment’)”.

“For the past two years, I didn’t think so. What happened made me think that life has to be present,” he explained. I can’t think any longer. Anything can happen, and some things happen and change everything. It’s good to enjoy the moment. “

Portugal’s ‘very good’ moment with Martinez

Cristiano, 38, continues to lead PortugalIt is now being directed by Spaniard Roberto Martinez and has assured the team’s moment was “very good”.

“It’s a very good moment in my opinion. It’s breathing differently in training, in focus and in games, and we’ve won everything. We’re happy about that.” I’m happy, everything went well and I scored a goal.I want to continue, it feels good and works“, he added.

Portugal lead Group J of Euro 2024 qualifiers in Germany and face Slovakia in Bratislava on Friday and Luxembourg in the Algarve (south of Portugal) on Monday.

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