Cristiano Ronaldo incorporates paddle tennis into his business: here’s how he invests it

cristiano ronaldo It’s him The highest paid football player in the world. The Portuguese traveled to Saudi Arabia a few months ago to play for the team nasser Over the next three seasons, earn some 200 million euros per year. This figure covers sponsorship, advertising and other variables included in the contract. Because in addition to being a goal-scoring machine, Ronaldo is also a money-making machine off the court. His new bet is paddle tennis.

The sportsman won the tender to build the project padel city Located in Oeiras, near lisbon. It will be the largest cricket club with a total of 17 pitches.They will invest together with Lusofinança through CR7 SA over five million euros To carry out this project promoted by the Portuguese Paddle Board Federation.The surface of the complex will exceed 15,000 square meters, It should be ready in the first half of 2025. It is expected to host the most important competition in one of the most fashionable sports in the world.

In fact, paddle tennis and golf are second only to football, which is a sport. Qatar and Saudi Arabia They had set their sights. In recent months, they have created parallel professional tours to persuade athletes with dizzying financial offers. Not wanting to be left behind, Cristiano has taken the first step so that the best cricket can be played in Portugal as well.

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Hotels, gyms, hairdressing or clothing clinics and their businesses

The five-time Ballon d’Or winner is one of the most iconic figures in sport and his CR7 brand is renowned around the world. For example, this is the closest thing we can find to Michael Jordan.Throughout his career he has been the face of the most important brands, such as Pokerstars, Nike, Herbalife, Banco Espírito Santo, Armani, Emirates There are a lot more.According to Celebrity Net Worth, an American publication specializing in huge wealth, Cristiano Ronaldo ended 2022 with Assets exceed 500 million euros. Other information suggests the number will exceed 1 billion.

Two years after his 40th birthday, Cristiano is enjoying the final season of his football career. At the same time, he also increased his assets through business parallel to sports.The most famous is the hotel chain “CR7 Lifestyle Hotel” With hotel group owner Dionisio Pestana.Own a luxury hotel madrid (Gran Via Street), New York (time Square), Marrakech, Lisbon and Funchal.

Cristiano Ronaldo trains in his home gym.

In 2019, the five-time league champion also received 50% of the equity in the clinic Insparya, specializes in hair transplantation. “I like to bet on entrepreneurial projects with solid features that spread the best of Portugal to the world. In addition to football, I am also passionate about health, technology and research, and these are areas in which I would like to invest,” he commented. so. Insparya has stores in the following areas Madrid, Marbella, Braga, Porto, Lisbon and Vilamoura, More than 300 people work among them. The Portuguese invested about 25 million euros, and the other 50% of the company belongs to CEO Paulo Ramos.

Another business promoted by the footballer CR7 this is your brand underwear. Despite his Nike image, Cristiano has sold millions of underwear around the world with his personal brand.He also has his own brand of cologne perfume For men, Footwear and sunglasses. Apart from,

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Paddle tennis isn’t Cristiano’s only sports-related venture.Because he is the owner of a company with more than 10 employees Gym Franchisees are spread between Spain and Portugal.they are from the company CR7 Fitness by Crunch. He himself provides an image of these centers specialized in physical activity, professional sports nutrition and personalized training.

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