Cristiano Ronaldo is a superhero who is striving to secure world peace: the story of a comic book drawn by an argentinian


Christian and “Striker Force 7”, the comic made by el cordobés “Junior”


Cristiano Ronaldo

not only do goals for Juventus.


is a superhero,

have friends and starred in adventures. Everything is in

“Striker Force 7”,

a comic that comes out in Europe. The cartoonist of the Portuguese star who now plays in


it is a cordoba,

Fernando León González,

known as


In the world of comics is well known, was one of the draftsmen of The Ninja Turtles and the “City”, the book that gave origin to the movie “Mission rescue”, the most-watched of Netflix in the last few weeks and is already preparing for a second season.

Football the only thing that I saw “Junior” -until now – were the World “from tip to tip”. Nothing more. From this work, I began to search and to watch the matches of Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the best players in the world along with

Lionel Messi.

“I don’t like football; I thought

‘fair to me comes to me to touch this”

says fun to


and he admits that he became a fan of the Portuguese, who remains in social networks, read what is published about him and reviews his matches in the Italian League and in the Champions League. Even of the times in Real Madrid and Manchester United.

Fernando León González is
Fernando León González is a Junior: became a fan of Christian

“Junior” draws from such a guy like Ronaldo kicks the ball and, since always, “account”. “In my doodles looked that concern, action and action. It is not only draw, but put together a story”. His early work, of teen, published the legendary journal of humor cordobés “Hydrangea”. Was with his dad and, for that reason, when you raised that his name was very long and had to find a pseudonym, and chose to “Junior”.

The world and the business of comic books has its own rules and codes; the cordoba has a representative in Barcelona, Joaquín García, who maintained contacts with publishers, and looking for opportunities. So was the Cristiano Ronaldo and his superheroes. The leading scorer in the history of the Real Madrid and the Portugal team was the ideologue of “Striker Force 7” published in Spain by the publishing Destination.

The comic will have an animated series and pulls it out to Ronaldo on the pitch to make it a part of the agency’s international Striker Force 7, dedicated to ensuring peace in the world.

The idea of the Portuguese is to use your image to promote reading among the kids and the interrelationship between the different cultures. “In the same way that football connects cultures and people from all over the world, I think the great animated characters and heroes can do the same and that is why I am excited to bring these passions of football and superheroes through this project and share it with my fans,” he said in a statement.

“My friends tell me why not drawing to Messi. The issue is that you contacted me because encajé just with his ideal of a graph. In addition, I don’t know if Messi I would be so appealing. Ronaldo is just as ‘loony’, a character magnet that has me captive” (“Junior”)

“My friends tell me why not drawing to (Lionel) Messi -account “Junior”-. The issue is that I contacted the publisher because encajé just with his ideal of a graph. In addition, I don’t know if Messi I would be so attractive; Ronaldo is just as ‘loony’, a character magnet that has me captive”.

The drawings of
The pictures of “Junior” on Extraction, who came to Netflx as a “Rescue Mission”, based on the novel City

Like in football, the draftsmen of the biggest leagues in the comic are not so many: “it Is difficult to get to; you have to see, there are that become visible, show your work on the internet, put passion. I am convinced that the energy of love, enthusiasm, seen in the drawings. The great industry is in Europe and in the united States . In the East is the japanese manga (japanese comics), I love to draw, but it is a very gender-distinct, thorough, in detail.”

In his cartoon,

Ronaldo has several friends, among them, a ball that talks and plays.

Another detail is that your co-workers laugh at a little of the personality of the Portuguese: they say that it is a “believed”, a “superb”.

“Junior” is received for each chapter -some 26 pages – with sketches of drawings (front, profile, running) that he made and sent to be coloured. “Of the photo to the drawing the person is synthesised, has the characteristics for all to realize who it is”, he explains.

The script for the comic is one of the authors of Batman by: Scott Peterson.

This is the first time that the cordoba draws to a character with real existence, and enjoys it. “By necessity and a love of drawing, I’m going unfold -account-. In this case the picture is more pure, more simple, more synthetic, almost half way with one lively, with force”.

Other images of
Other images of “Extraction”, view Netflix as a “Rescue Mission”

That time of The Ninja Turtles

“Junior” shares the work of Ronaldo with a comic book

the life of Manuel Belgrano to Jujuy

that is finishing. He was born of a friendship with a representative and contacts with the Institute Belgraniano of that province. The name cordoba is listed in the credits of “Mission rescue” because he is the author of the drawings of the book “City” in which is based the film. Arrived at this port because it was looking for work, doing


and there appeared the opportunity. Your representative offered him a book that involved 18 months of contract. Not convinced by the idea, but asked for the story.

The script was by Joe and Anthony Russo, who wanted to make a film but could not get financing and a comic book publisher was interested. “So I ended up drawing this story in the tri-Border area in Ciudad del Este. In addition to my aesthetic, I was interested that I knew the place, because they do not. There was a series of coincidences and ended it all in this film”, go to “Junior”.

A decade before, as a “finder’s eternal work on the internet”, he started to draw coloring books. At the time the company informs you that they were the creators of

The Ninja Turtles

and offer to draw a number of comics. “I couldn’t believe it, they were living myths”.

In the production process, the drawings will come and go, there are consultations, permanent contact throughout the entire chain. For “City” the whole time I was talking with Ande Parks (writer coupled to the Russo). In the case of “Striker Force 7”, there is a sort of general producer that coordinates and attends the doubts. For “Junior”, to draw superheroes was an attractive idea which does not thought was that it would end up doing it with a astro international soccer. “I enjoy drawing, so that everything comes in, welcome”.

“Striker Force 7” will have his animated series. Ronaldo participates in the production for Facebook. The production has the support of Graphic India and VMS Communicaction. The player shared the first picture in networks, but there is not a release date confirmed.