Cristiano Ronaldo is like King Midas, how much does he earn from a post?

Cristiano Ronaldo is like King Midas, how much does he earn from a post? The 38-year-old Portuguese champion has been playing for Al Nassr since January

He was not the first but not the last to venture into new frontiers of world football. Last January, the decision raised concerns across a large section of the football world. Cristiano Ronaldo The decision to continue his career in Saudi Arabia was taken solely for economic reasons.

A stratospheric engagement, the approximately 500 million Euros in a two-and-a-half-year contract represent more than enough motivation to move bags and luggageAl-Nasr who hailed him as a true star of world sport. But in the wake of the Portuguese champion, several other players have found themselves dominated by million-dollar offers from Saudi clubs intent on literally robbing the main European leagues.

cristiano ronaldo super paid
Portuguese champion Cristiano Ronaldo –

Speaking of Ronaldo, the maxi contract he signed in January has made him the highest paid athlete in the world and almost certainly the player who has earned more than anyone else in the history of world sport. Also because the 38-year-old phenomenon Funchal’s earnings do not come only from the salary he receives for his sporting performances. revenue from is also fundamental Social, Finally, here’s a profile of the former Manchester United, Real Madrid and Juventus striker Instagram Nearly 600 million followers visited, which is a record number.

Cristiano Ronaldo like King Midas, how much does the Portuguese champion earn from a post?

Based on rankings compiled by Hopper HQ, Cristiano Ronaldo Overtook the most famous and popular models in the world, Kylie Jenner In terms of revenue from each individual post on Instagram. The figures are shocking for for all intents and purposes it is just under two million four hundred thousand dollars. This is what the Lusitanian attacker would collect for every post published on the social platform.

messi earns less than ronaldo
Argentina champion Leo Messi –

Behind Ronaldo in this particular ranking is the above model Kylie Jenner With one lakh eight hundred thousand. To occupy the third step of the podium is Lionel Messi, the second champion of world football and great rival of Cristiano Ronaldo. The captain and driver of the new World Champion Selection are in third place with $1,777,000. Figures with all due respect, in many cases outside the parameters of so-called normal people. But football is now one with the star system.

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