Cristiano Ronaldo plays key role in aiding victims

Tragic earthquake The magnitude of the earthquake that occurred on Friday night was 6.8 on the Richter scale Morocco Except leaving a sad balance More than 1,000 people died and a similar number of injuries, resulting in many people losing their homes due to the earthquake severe material damage Faced with the desperate situation of so many families, cristiano ronaldo Provide help remotely.

The Portuguese star is The owner of a luxury hotel on the outskirts of Marrakech After the earthquake, it became a refuge for many people.

Pestana CR7, Cristiano Ronaldo’s hotel in Marrakech

he CR7 tag This is a 4-star hotel, almost classified as a luxury hotel, offering visitors different facilities such as an outdoor swimming pool, a modernly equipped gym, gardens, terraces, restaurants and bars.

many Tourists affected by the earthquake They tried to return to their respective places of departure, but not all were successful, and they were looking for a place to stay until their return flight. Meanwhile, Cristiano’s hotel serves as a refuge for his Portugal national team-mates.

Erin SexasA Spanish tourist told in a first-person account the journey she took before arriving at the CR7 Hotel and getting her room: “We started looking for flights and they sold out pretty quickly. We had to buy a flight worth a thousand euros to leave as quickly as possible. The same goes for hotels. We came to the new area of ​​Marrakech to find accommodation. Now we have found a room in Cristiano Ronaldo’s hotel What’s on the outskirts of Marrakech”

Earthquake felt in Portugal, Morocco earthquake

he earthquake happened on friday night Morocco feel Portugal Moderate, which No casualties or material damage were reported.Reported by the Portuguese Institute of Marine and Atmospheric Research.

The institute explained in a statement on Saturday that the earthquake was recorded at a National Seismological Network station and Feeling medium In several cities, e.g. Lisbon, Setubal, Marienburg, Portimao and Cascaiswait.

Less severe earthquakes were felt in other areas such as Coimbra, Albufeira, Arunquel, Lores, Mafra, Sintra, Amadora or Gaia.

Morocco is experiencing the worst natural disaster in its history.

The Portuguese government issued a statement on Saturday expressing “full solidarity” with the Moroccan people. He added that Portuguese authorities were in contact with the country’s nationals in Morocco, especially in the epicenter.

All Portuguese people contacted so far are doing wellthere were no reports of health problems or significant material damage,” the text said.

President of Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de SousaHe also expressed to the media his “solidarity” with this “cruel disaster” in Arab countries and said that “everything is ready” and assistance will be provided “awaiting Morocco’s request.”

He added that “luckily” they didn’t realize“No Portuguese person is included in the list of dead, injured or missing.”

In a statement to Portuguese newspaper Observer, Interior Minister José Luis Canero said Portugal had informed Arab civil protection authorities through its embassy in Morocco of its Fully capable of dispatching search and rescue teamslike those he sent to Turkey at the time.

As of 1:00 pm local time, the number of victims of the Moroccan earthquake exceeded 1,037, with 1,204 injured, 721 of whom were serious.

Morocco hit by magnitude 7 earthquake

Morocco earthquake: How many people died and injured

quantity dead inside earthquake what happened last night Morocco Breaking through the thousand-person mark until 1,037of balances given before 1:00 p.m. local time, with hurtAlready included 1,204 cases, 721 of which were severe.

According to the latest data released by the Moroccan Ministry of Interior on Saturday, Victims in more than a dozen provinces: Alhaouz, located south of Marrakech and close to the epicenter, had 542 deaths, followed by Taroudant (321 deaths), Chichaoua (103 deaths), Ouarzazate (38), Marrakech (13 people), Azilal (11 people), Agadir (5 people) ), Casablanca (3), Al Youssufia (1) and Tinghir (1).

According to the earthquake warning announcement issued by Morocco’s National Institute of Geophysics, at 11:11 pm local time (10:11 pm GMT Saturday), a magnitude 7 earthquake occurred in the Marrakech region of northern Morocco, with a focal depth of 10:11. 8 kilometers.

The epicenter was located in the town of Igil, about 80 kilometers southwest of Marrakech.

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