Cristiano Ronaldo Premium FUTTIES Now Available in Stunning SBC

I think Goals to get EA Sports FC 24 rewards They are now attracting attention in FIFA 23 news. But some new SBCs have arrived in Ultimate Team, and curiously one of them contains Cristiano Ronaldo Premium FUTTIES as a reward.a letter says It will be mailed in envelopes starting July 21st now also We can make it non-transferable via DCP.

Cristiano Ronaldo Premium FUTTIES FIFA 23 Ultimate Team In-Game Statistics
Locations: DC, SD and EI. He has five-star skills but bad legs, high/low work rate, his own size, he’s 1’87 and right-handed. The card can also be used as a transfer on the transfer market.

The SBC expires on September 30th.Surprisingly There are forty-two templates in total (Yes, 42). It was huge, and if I remember correctly, it was the longest SBC in Ultimate Team history.

In order to obtain the non-transferable Cristiano Ronaldo FUTTIES Premium, 11 players with an average of 88 points and another player with an average of 90 points must be sacrificed, 18 of 91, 16 of 92 and 6 of 93. This all remains despite the fact that the EA Sports FC 24 season starts in a few days.

While it’s true that transferable cards in FIFA 23 are quite expensive, they’re a very unique item. With the improvement of 10 +85, it is easy to generate a finishing SBC average (at least for the first week, we will have to check how it works with preseason batch 2).But anyway, I think These are pretty exaggerated demands, as there’s not much left until another year of Ultimate Team begins..

While Cristiano Ronaldo FUTTIES Premium should do pretty well as he has a very interesting body type himself, Statistics don’t grab people’s attention. As with all the cards that have come out recently, it’s hard to surprise with attributes. In fact, even with the engine, it will have a rough balance (91) and improveable agility (94).

FIFA 23 – Cristiano Ronaldo SBC Premium FUTTIES

Templates we should sacrifice to achieve it (42 in total)

  • eleven reached average 88 and includes at least one player from Portugal and one IF or TOTS (reward is a premium electronic player pack).
  • eleven reached average 90 and contains at least one IF or TOTS (reward is a Top Electronic Gamer Pack).
  • Arrive at 18:11 average 91 (Each one’s reward is a unique player mix pack).
  • Arrive at 16:11 average 92 (Each person’s reward is a unique electronic gamer pack).
  • Arrive at 6:11 average 93 (Everyone’s reward is a giant envelope).

I leave you here News on Four New Realistic Stadiums Confirmed for EA Sports FC 24.If you want to stay tuned for the main news from Ultimate Team You can join the Telegram broadcast channel. have a good weekend!

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