Cristiano Ronaldo sparks madness, it happens!

cristiano ronaldo When he arrived in Tehran, he sparked madness among fans. nasser Saudi Arabia will face persepolis Iran in Champions League Member of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC).

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Local authorities gave the Portuguese star a Persian rug, one of the country’s cultural symbols, as hundreds of fans waited for him at Imam Khomeini Airport and thousands more along the road to his hotel Follow him.

Fans chased the bus transporting the former Manchester United, Real Madrid and Juventus player, chanting slogans and waving the player’s jersey.

His hotel was surrounded by hundreds of fans who occupied the lobby and chanted the football star’s name.

Cristiano’s team returned to Iranian territory after a seven-year break in diplomatic ties between Riyadh and Tehran following an attack on a Saudi Arabian headquarters following the execution of a leading Shia cleric in the Arab kingdom.

Over the years, teams from both countries have played in stadiums in third countries.

“These are things you can’t buy,” the Arab team wrote on their social networks, along with a video of Cristiano Ronaldo causing riots in the Persian country.

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