Cristiano Ronaldo ‘spoke’ with a fanatical mexican in video call


Mexico /

Cristiano Ronaldo not only is the athlete with the most followers on social networksbut also one of the most active, so much so that a video of yours taken out of a Instagram Live, he has served in the last few weeks for users to make cruel jokes to their relatives, in specific to the mexican.

This is a section of a live where CR7 sends greetings to Mexico and it seems that it is talking to a specific person, it is for this reason that in TikTok it has become trend to use that recording to play pranks on their parents, which in truth believe that they are talking with the Portuguese star.

The most seen so far is from a user that is excited about with your dad and ask him to send greetings to Christian, he even says that is a fan of yours, without knowing that it was all fake.

As well as this there are several clips in this social network and little by little it has become viral on other platforms such as Twitter or Facebook.