Cristiano Ronaldo: The puppy nicknamed “Peronaldo” joins the attack and scores a goal during a football match | TikTok

He has the scoring nose of Cristiano Ronaldo! The dog deftly defined the hasty exit of the goalie trying to stop him.

Doc becomes a striker and the narrator is moved when he reminds him of Cristiano Ronaldo. | Photo: Free People Composition

this viral video Pets are common on TikTok because the presence of these animals brings tenderness and laughter to most users. Today we’ll show you a clip of how a dog interrupts a football match by scoring a goal. cristiano ronaldo.

The dog nicknamed “Perronaldo” Going viral on social networks, he became a forward, and when the ball reached his legs, he didn’t think much and started rushing towards the opponent’s goal. On the other side, the goalie comes out to block the play, not expecting the dog to leak the ball through his legs.

Humor quotas for TikTok videos This is provided by a voice-over that can be heard during the 37 seconds of the recording. The video caused laughter on social networks and has received more than 16,000 likes.

User reactions on TikTok

“He even went to the corner and did SIUUUUUUUU!” “He was humble enough to go and celebrate with the fans”, “I loved the lady who applauded the puppy”, “Like every good star he celebrates in the corner”, “I find even a dog scoring a goal Score more goals than a dog”. Me”, this is the message left by some netizens.

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