Cristiano Ronaldo will be able to play in the Champions League with Al Nasr, great players will accompany him

group stage Asian Champions League The match was about to start, however, due to the diplomatic situation between the two countries, there was a glimmer of doubt. Saudi Arabia and Iranwhich jeopardizes things like Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar or Karim Benzema.

However, with the efforts of all Asian Football Confederation (AFC its English abbreviation), the two football associations have reached an agreement that each club Saudi Pro Leaguecan travel to Iranian territory to contest the competition, which also applies in the reverse case.

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The above will allow collections like Nasser, Hilal and IttihadThree players who made the biggest signings in the past transfer market could travel to Iran to play against opponents like this Persepolis, Nassaji Mazandaran or Separan FCthus ensuring an attractive show.

Previously, the designation of a neutral site was required to celebrate the Games due to hostilities between the two countries Asian Champions League relations between Arabs and Iranians, but now, thanks to negotiations, Nasser will have the possibility Cristiano Ronaldovisiting Persepolis in Tehran as part of the first round of the Continental Championship.

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The sports confrontation between the two countries will continue in the second round, when The Ittihad by Karim Benzema Race to Isfahan Sepahan Football Clubwhile he Hilal to Neymar will fall into nasaj football club from gamshahron the first day of October.

Return matches, Iran’s expedition to Saudi Arabia, round 5 on November 27, Riyadh vs Persepolis; Jeddah and Riyadh’s Al Ittihad vs Sepahan FC, Al Hilal vs FC on December 4 Nassaji.

“Passionate fans in Saudi Arabia, Iran and across Asia can now look forward to an exciting new chapter of club and national football… as they strive to promote the spirit of competition and camaraderie,” the AFC said in a statement after the match. protocol.

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