Cristiano Ronaldo’s audio that went viral on social networks was produced using artificial intelligence

All kinds of videos can be seen everywhere on social networks, especially with the rise of artificial intelligence (AI),It allows users to create replicas of singers, politicians and even football players, as some tools can replicate the voices of certain characters and allow them to send out their own the Cristiano Ronaldo audio that went viral in recent weeks.

On TikTok, you can find Cristiano Ronaldo andIn it, the Portugal star allegedly posts personal motivational messages to raise awareness, visits to the gym and even birthdays, always with the phrase “like a bug”.

“Hey, they told me, you’re still lying down, you’re not getting up, you’re not washing your face, you’re not getting pretty. Remember, you have to enjoy life, remember you have to go out and let them see our faces a little bit, let them see Look what we’re made of, man. Have a nice day, have a very, very good time today, everything goes well. Remember to be handsome, we are all handsome, but don’t be handsomer than a bug, yeah! ” This is one of the Cristiano Ronaldo audios that went viral.

However, andThese audios of Cristiano Ronaldo were created using artificial intelligence (AI), as there are several web pages that allow you to recreate the sounds Just write the text and it will transcribe it into the player’s words.

evenReal Madrid did this on their TikTok and clarified to fans that Cristiano Ronaldo has not yet spoken to thembut they recreated this with artificial intelligence, so they invite more users to create their own messages in the voice of “Bug.”

The rise of these audios has been soThe famous Spanish anchor Ibai Llanos said that he turned his algorithm into the cradle of Cristiano Ronaldo’s audio, which really inspired him to some extent.

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