Cristiano Ronaldo’s kick on Slovak goalkeeper angered his opponent: Should he have seen red?

Cristiano RonaldoHe was one of the greatest protagonists of Portugal’s match against Slovakia.Portuguese, go ahead nasr allied Saudi ArabiaAlthough he did not score a goal, his actions towards Slovak goalkeeper Dubravka caused great anger among the players and opponent fans.

because it’s probably red. Because he could have headed to the locker room.Because this game happened in the 61st minute The future may well have changed meeting.

0-1 with 11 men is different from 0-1 with 10 men. Can Slovakia equalize the score? during that half hour Goal by Bruno Fernandez.

However, there was no eviction.because everything turned yellow. It all ended with a warning after Cristiano made a dangerous move against Dubravka.

This is a game where the ball goes straight to the goalkeeper.Cristiano ran towards the ball to contest the match but as the goalkeeper had already worn the leather he shot with a shot Both feet are in front, heels exposed.

It hit the chest and face.The Slovak goalkeeper lay on the ground in pain.

Immediately, I realized what was happening, Cristiano apologizes to Dubravka. Maybe those quick apologies could save him from being fired…

Portugal 0-1 in the end 15 out of 15 On its way to Euro 2024.

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