Cristiano Ronaldo’s signature: MercadoLibre and how much Liverpool’s autographed jersey costs

andpromotion jersey nasr It’s hard to find this kind of clothing in sporting goods stores or department stores, which is why people choose to buy online, and there are other options, some more risky than others due to payment methods or doubts about the originality of the garment.

of course official store of nasr buy shirts Cristiano Ronaldo Personalize the number 7 and obviously know it’s original.Additional options already available with this product are located at Liverpool and free market.

How much is Cristiano’s Al Nasr jersey worth?

on the website Nasr, the uniform CR7 cost 299.90 riyals,This is equivalent to 1,000 USD 400 MXN Approximately the same exchange rate as the date of this note.An important detail is that there is no shipping fee Mexicoso payment for the shirt includes having it delivered to your door, although the wait can be several weeks.

How much does a Liverpool CR7 autographed jersey cost?

One of the options to find and have the autograph of a Portuguese football star, Cristiano RonaldoIs department storeLiverpool Provided printed on sweater Amount ranges from $30,000 199 until $49,000 499 Mexican Pesos.

How much does it cost to buy a CR7 autographed jersey at MercadoLibre?

If you don’t want to leave your home to get a highly regarded autograph from the locals Madeirainside online storefree market Can request and receive, price range is $18,000 995 until $45,000 599 Mexican Pesos.include Certificate of Authenticity and Free Shipping.

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