Cristina Cordula live from Brazil, shocks on Instagram: she explains herself in the face of subscribers’ questions


Cristina Cordula is enjoying the Brazilian sun right now. Very active on Instagram, the famous stylist has just shared a video of her vacation that surprised her subscribers …

Cristina Cordula has been a star presenter on M6 for almost ten years. At the helm of the show “Reines du Shopping”, the Brazilian designer also signs a few appearances in other programs. Recently, the pretty brunette has also found herself at the heart of a scandal after appearing in the program “Operation Renaissance” where Karine Le Marchand supports people with obesity in a complete transformation.

And if we find Cristina Cordula every day on M6, know that she is currently on vacation in her native country: Brazil. Live from Rio de Janeiro, the famous stylist shares the backstage of her stay with her many subscribers.

This Tuesday, January 19, 2021, she has also shared a new video on which she appears in a summer dress. Exit the very sought-after outfits and the vertiginous pumps, Cristina has this time bet on a pair of thongs! It did not take more to shock his fans who expressed their astonishment at these shoes: ”  Cristina in thongs, unheard of  “, ”  You are human like us !!  They wrote. And the stylist replies: “  Yet I wear it!  She replied amused.