Cristina Pedros tries compression therapy and ultrasound

Cristina Pedros She has just given birth to a child two months ago, but her figure is enviable. In addition to physical exercise, anchors also share with fans in the following ways: Instagram Some of the best treatments for keeping your body in shape and giving you an enviable look, especially after nine months of pregnancy and what it does to your body.

So we were able to see the woman from Madrid lying on a stretcher being treated. deep thin and Compression therapy, which work together to treat circulatory problems and fat accumulation. Do you want to know how these technologies work and what conditions they are suitable for? We tell you!

Deep slimming and anti-fat technology

treat deep thin It is performed using state-of-the-art equipment and is designed to eliminate areas with higher fat reserves that are often more difficult to treat.This is one of the most innovative technologies used Murmi Ultrasound Breaks down fat cells and allows the body to eliminate them naturally through lymphatic drainage or urine.

Deep Slim treatment allows you to non-invasively reshape your body contours

With this treatment we can Reduce up to 2 cm Contours the body and works to combat shoulder bags, tummy, arms, cellulite and cellulite. All this is done without any side effects and without the need for anesthesia, as it is a highly precise, non-invasive method. Additionally, this mechanical stimulation of the skin promotes the natural production of collagen and elastin, substances naturally found in the skin and responsible for providing firmness and elasticity to the tissue.

Deep Slim is positioned as the ideal technology Complements other programs, such as after a tummy tuck or liposuction, as it can correct fat deposits that may not have been removed and help restore tissue by fighting sagging skin. Therefore, if you are looking for a non-invasive treatment that can prevent, reduce or eliminate localized fat without damaging the skin tissue, you will find this technology to be a great ally.

Renew yourself from within with stress therapy

this Compression therapy It has gained more and more followers due to its incredible results. It consists of technology-based drainage of the lymphatic system, oruse inflatable pants Works on legs, abdomen and buttocks for results. While the patient is lying on the stretcher, these pants inflate and deflate to achieve controlled differences in tension in key areas of our body.

Compression therapy for patients undergoing liposuction

In this way, it Activate blood circulation and Eliminate toxins Causes many problems, bringing new nutrients and oxygen to the cells of the tissues involved. This treatment is therefore ideal for combating varicose veins and spider veins, as well as reducing cellulite and localized fat.Likewise, activation of the venous circulation Stimulate leg musclesso it is ideal for combating leg fatigue and muscle fatigue.

Compression therapy is also a Painless surgery and non-invasive, can complement other techniques aimed at reducing fat. In fact, it is considered a post-liposuction recovery method because although this surgical intervention leaves open channels that can fill with fluid, inflaming the tissue, compression therapy manages to eliminate these channels and the associated swelling, removing the fluid and allow it to drain into the lymphatic system.

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