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Criticism of Addison Rae’s viral performance of Katy Perry’s ‘Teenage Dream’

‘He’s All That’ (‘Someone like him) has already stopped waiting: the new version of ‘She’s All That’ (‘Someone like you’) is now available on Netflix. But he doesn’t want to stay in the mythical high school rom-com of the 90s, or be just an update, he also wants to turn the story around.

In the original film, we have as the protagonist Zack (Freddie Prinze Jr.), the typical high school sportsman, and the premise of a bet he does with his friends, who attend the same topic as him: transform any girl into the dancing queen. And she is the quiet and reserved Laney Boggs (Rachel Leigh Cook). But Zack, based on spending time together and getting to know each other more and more, ends up falling completely in love with her. Although how could it be otherwise, Laney will find out the real reason why Zack approached her in the beginning.

This time, the roles change and it is the girl who wants to make the “freak” the next king of dance. In addition, it is also updated with respect to the youth of now, to the Internet age. And the one chosen as the protagonist is Addison rae, a successful tiktoker who has just made the leap to the cinema, and who in ‘Someone like him’ gives life to one of the most popular girls of the institute and who, after the break with her boyfriend, whom she claims to have “created” her Bet with her friends that she can make any boy the next dance king.

But now, the scene where Rae performs the song by Katy Perry ‘Teenager Dream’ it has become very viral. Although not everyone liked.

Many Twitter users claim that the tiktoker did an absolutely “slaughtered” version of Perry’s song and also not to help improve the audience’s opinion that some dance steps that seem like they came from the platform that launched Addison Rae to fame. This dance is what, for many, makes the overall performance “unbearable to watch.”

Although, for better or for worse, the great visibility that this scene has taken has also given greater publicity to the film.

It sure interests you …

First trailer of ‘He’s All That’, the leap of tiktoker Addison Rae to the cinema with a well-known story

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