Criticism of Trump for his announcement that will take funds away the WHO; almost two million of hiv infections in the world | News Univision Health


Shortly after the news announced by Trump from the freezing of the u.s. funds that finance a good percentage of the World Health Organization (WHO), the secretary-general of the United Nations (UN), Antonio Guterres, reacted by condemning the decision.

Now is not the time to reduce funding of the operations of the World Health Organization or of any other humanitarian organization that fights the virus,” said Guterres in a press release.

“I think that who has to be supported, as that is absolutely critical in the world’s efforts to win the war against the covid-19”, expressed the secretary-general of the UN and highlighted the work of WHO in face of this pandemic: “in the first line, to support member states and their societies, especially the most vulnerable, with guidance, training, equipment and concrete services to save lives while fighting the coronavirus”.

“The lessons learned will be essential for effectively addressing similar challenges as they may arise in the future”, but “now is not the time”said. As I said before, now is the moment of unity and of the international community to work in solidarity to stop this virus and its devastating consequences,” concluded the leader of the UN.

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