Criticism, ‘The Good Place’: What good is it to die


Beware of SPOILERS!

*In this critique guts the end of ‘The Good Place’

On the 19th of September 2016, NBC premiered a sitcom called revolutionize, once more, the gender. Michael Schur, head of whacks at the ball as ‘The Office’ or ‘Parks and Recreation’, she grabbed the hand of Kristen Bell and Ted Danson to launch ‘The Good Place’, a comedy risky but lightweight, which is developed in the beyond.

This first episode begins with Eleanor, the character of Bell, awakening after your death before a poster that reads: “Welcome. All is well”. Soon would disclose that no, that all was not well and during four seasons discoursing on the intricacies of this hilarious death that we started more of a headache. At the end of the road, many Jeremy Bearimys after, we find that, by the end, all is well. Of truth. All is well. What now?question is ‘The Good Place’.

'Eleanor, Tahani and Janet in 'The Good Place

All is well

And that is the question to answer in their end. What happens when everything is fine? What would happen if we had eternity to do what you want until you feel full? How do we face the end? In his last chapter, ‘The Good Place’ is facing the end of existence, from the standpoint of a mature and complex. Its characters have all the time you want and the opportunity to cross a door that leads them back to the universe.

Within timeshifting and dreams fulfilled several and ‘The Good Place’, it becomes a love letter and farewell to each of his characters. Jason, Tahani, Chidi… Each one is finding peace and your place in the cosmos. Curious case of the character of Jameela Jamil, who ends up converted, this time, someone dedicated to helping others, after failing miserably in his earthly life. An architect with all of the law, to help those who come to the Beyond, to become better people. This way of redemption is to dress with a self-awareness of the character, that does not waive to be an aristocrat, lover of luxuries, but finds a way to include your personality, a moral compass that directs it towards the good by others.

'Eleanor and Chidi in 'The Good Place

How to say goodbye to who we love

The great twists of script have always been the trademark of the house in ‘The Good Place’ but here, to make way for 54 minutes filled to overflowing with emotion and love for these six characters. It is difficult not to drop a tear when he said goodbye to them, as the series builds a very strong bond between characters and in this final is filled with the acceptance of death with a sensitivity huge.

It’s human nature to avoid the end of our loved ones. When Chidi explains to Eleanor that he wants to leave, she forces him to stay by her fear to stay alone. It’s an interesting position that confronts us, because even when the people we love have nothing to do here, and have found the peace to leave, we are unable to let them go. How reaccionaríamos us in this situation? There are many questions posed by this episode and each one will have their answers. Eleanor, for her part, is unable to follow their impulses and selfish. “I owe”explains the character of William Jackson Harper.

And then let him go, Chidi crosses the forest gate and we all know that it is okay. Nothing happens because he has been happy and fulfilled with what I needed. And, although sometimes we notice a tickle in the throat when you remember, is where it should be.

'Michael in 'The Good Place

How to be human

In this chapter, ‘The Good Place’ once again put on the table your study of humanity from the divine comedy, but also from compassion. The path of Michael, the character of Ted Danson, ends with the only plot twist of the episode. The demon is transformed into a human and travels to Earth to live a life like ours. With heat, deceptions, and pretend. But showing us again that human life deserves the penalty because it will have an end. “I will not know what will happen when I die. There is nothing more human than that”, says Michael.

The chapter also pulls of nostalgia and gives an overview of all the side that have passed through here. From the wonderful Judge of Maya Rudolph’s up to Mindy St. Claire or Shawn, they all have their moment of glory. There is no shortage of jokes recurring or references to the past. But here, raw emotion on the laugh. It is an end in the that is felt a huge weight and where the transcendental vision of the series is displayed in all its splendor. It works because it travels by the root, by the relationships between their characters and the love they profess to each other.

'Kristen Bell in 'The Good Place

Return to the universe

And we got to Eleanor, that after seeing how all of your friends found their end, feel full after to get Michael to become human. A margarita, a big hug to Janet, and, finally, walking towards the door. In a latest turn of grace, Michael Schur reveals to us what happens in your world when you finish. We are back at the source converted into bright dust and we return to the others to give them a bit of our goodness. Exciting.

‘The Good Place’ has been as a human being. Spot, brilliant in its best moments, and without direction in the worst (that third season…). But no one can argue back that it is a fiction breakthrough, which has been able to introduce thematic deep and complex in a way that seemed simple. Week after week, has put us in a dilemma after another, teaching us to be better people and giving lessons to expand the goodness in your step. And all this with a huge heart beating beneath.

And is that dying is not bad if you do it knowing that you have done good. Now I only wish that the end is as well. An eternity of happiness with the people that we love to feel that we have done. Then we would sit alone on a bench to think. And, when we are ready, would cross a door to return to the universe and return all the goodness that has given us. And order.

‘The Good Place’ is available on Netflix.

Note: 9

The best: How to address the acceptance of the death from happiness.

The worst: The way spot until this end has made many people get off before you get here.