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Criticism: “Those who wish my death” have common places and Angelina Jolie – Tvshow – 08/28/2021


Taylor Sheridan, got accolades with a debut feature full of snowy intensity (Wild wind 2004) and before he had written Without Nothing to Lose, a film that delighted (exaggeratedly) many. That is why one should demand a little more from Those Who Wish My Death, his new film. Starred by Angelina Jolie is a combination of police, drama and catastrophe movie from the 90’s. It is available in the service of HBO Max.

Jolie is Hannah, a female forest firefighter with an issue to resolve including her own negligence that led to the death of three children in a fire. They all explain that it is not so even though she is haunted by nightmares. His day in one of those watchtowers that guard a huge forest in Montana is disrupted when he crosses paths with Connor (Finn little), a child who has been escaping from some hitmen (among whom is Nicholas Hoult). They have already killed his father, an accountant who discovered a financial trap and now they are going after the little boy who apparently is a threat although it does not seem.

Hannah thus finds a way to redeem herself in that lost child, although to save him she must face two complicated fronts: the murderers and, above all, the tremendous fire they caused to distract the police attention. There are two secondary characters who outline a story but no one dares delve into anything beyond stereotypes.

To see with the degrees of credulity at the highest level, the script leaves loose ends and the drama is thin as a tracing paper. Winning a race against a forest fire raging across the prairie is an innocence that one thought had been hidden in the ashes of Volcano, a nineties antecedent that at least has the benefit of nostalgia.

Those who wish my death [**]

OriginUnited States, 2021

Original titleThose Who Wish Me Dead

Where to see it?HBO Max

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