Criticize Ashley Graham for slimming too


The people of the internet nothing seems to and now the model plus size Ashley Graham receives rave reviews for slimming too! After years of attack by its size, users of Instagram now complain that he has lost so much weight that you are losing your curves.

Just a few months ago, the model of 30 years, defended those who said that looked like pregnant woman to pose in bikiniand now criticize them for looking too thin, there is no way to give them a taste!

A few days ago, Ashley posted on Instagram a photo where she poses with a colorful dress for signature Prabal Gurung, look:

Although the majority of the comments were positive, there were also many who attack it for its slim silhouette:

– “Too thin. I do not represent”.

– “You lost weight, why?”.

– “You don’t look like a model, curvy.”

– “So you finally decided to join the mainstream and want to become thin, how he was not proud of her stature extra?”.

– “You look awesome, but I’m afraid that the size of extra will never be socially accepted when the woman who practically founded it in the first place continues to losing weight and becoming Photoshop”.

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It is worth remembering that, despite the fact that Ashley loves her curves and is proud of her body, she also takes care of your diet and exercise, for health. So the logical consequence is to have times of more weight loss. That does not necessarily mean that he wants to be a model thin.

What do you think of your new figure?

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