Crowded Room creator wants a spin-off after the finale.

Crowded Room creator Akiva Goldsman expresses interest in a spin-off that will star Raya and Stan’s characters and praises Chris Abbott’s performance. Despite the negative reviews, critics acknowledge the great talent of Tom Holland in the series, however, they point to the slow pace as a serious drawback. Episode 6, which focuses on Raya, is widely praised, showcasing Amanda Seyfried’s performance and emphasizing the importance of Danny’s help.

ATTENTION! This article contains spoilers about The Crowded Room.

Crowded Room creator Akiva Goldsman talks about a possible spin-off after the finale. Nearing its conclusion, the Apple TV+ drama finally revealed that its main character, Danny Sullivan (Tom Holland), suffers from dissociative identity disorder. The diagnosis, known as multiple personality disorder during the show, allows Holland to showcase his best work. It also puts a clear focus on those around Danny who are trying to help him, whether reluctantly, in the case of attorney Stan Camisa (Christopher Abbott), or more sincerely, as lifelong therapist Raya Goodwin (Amanda Seyfried) does. .

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly prior to the current SAG-AFTRA strike, Goldsman discussed the ending of “A Crowded Room” and revealed that he was interested in a spin-off after Raya and Stan. In the quote below, Goldman (both creator and showrunner) also shared what he thinks Abbott brought to the project:

“I also had this reaction to Chris Abbott being late to the show. We’re just like, “Well, now I just want to watch a show about him and Amanda solving low-level murder mysteries in New York.”

“He brings with him his own guilt and guilt that is so important to this whole work. I think ultimately it’s about what we blame ourselves for and how important it is to forgive ourselves – and forgive others – because this guilt we carry, this kind of shame we see in the mirror, is so debilitating. .”

Seyfried was the best part of The Crowded Room (although Holland was great).

Much has been said about the negative reviews that The Crowded Room has received. But if you look closely at the reviews, the problem with Apple TV+ has never been one of interpretation. Holland’s performance received particular praise, even with lukewarm or negative ratings. The main argument, according to most critics, is that “A Crowded Room” takes too long to diagnose Danny, although it’s pretty obvious from the start, which is frustrating to watch.

The crowded room begins to come to life with episode 6, which focuses on Rya and describes what a burden it was to work with Danny. His family life is full of turmoil, although he loves his son and mother. While she helps Danny out of a sense of personal professional gain, the scene where Ria breaks down in her car highlights just how personal her fears for Danny have become. Possibly the best episode of the series, Seyfried proves why he won an Emmy for Screenings. This is also an episode that received a lot of praise.

While it’s become a bad habit to take the most important parts of a story and try to build a franchise, and Goldman’s comments seem like something of a joke, Seyfried and Abbott (who shines in the romantic thriller The Vault) will be welcome. in “A Crowded Room” if the right story is presented. Considering the series was described as an anthology, it’s possible that Holland could return as a different character. Perhaps even a role that leans towards her comedic side and charm rather than the other way around.

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