Crowded Used, the application is Called the Zoom, Sell the User data to Facebook


Crowded used, it turns out that the app allow to Zoom that your personal data is scattered. Your data will then be used to tag specific ads. – Since it is recommended to Work from home, because the Corona-Virus, and more and more people use the app, video calls and online meetings Zoom. The device made by the Apple iOS to send data to Facebook has been touted without the knowledge of the user. It will always send data, even if the user does not have account Facebook.

In the privacy policy, not to mention Zoom, share the data on Facebook. After the application is downloaded and on your phone or tablet, the app Zoom a connection to the Facebook Graph API.

This practice is not a strange thing. Therefore, many of the creators of the app have to be implemented with the device, the software development (SDK) for Facebook to certain functions in the software.

The problem, privacy policy Zoom not explain the nature of the distribution of the data. You only share your data with third parties without mentioning the name Facebook in particular.

Reported by Apple Insider, Zoom usage data related to the profile of Facebook users, but not explicitly the sharing of data about users that do not have an account with Facebook.

The Motherboard also expose what data is shared Zoom to Facebook. If an application for the Zoom version iOS unlocked, the Facebook can know which device the user is using, the operator, what you use, city, location and the time zone of the user.

The data is divided, this Zoom includes a unique day for the advertisers. So you can target group of users with specific ads.

In addition to Zoom, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) found out that the application of the Ring for Android, you send a number of data similar to the analytical company in February 2020. The Ring stop, but finally, the practice of passing on of the data.

Party Zoom has asked for information on this topic. Forbes-Zoom spokeswoman said, “we don’t sell user data to a person.”

This is not the first time Zoom has the problem of privacy or cyber-security. In the year 2019, is kidnapped, the Zoom app simply switches. A security researcher discovered that the webcam user Zoom can be taken hostage, without a known.

EFF also detailed some of the implications that the privacy of the other Zoom, including the fact that the person who first calls monitor the activity of other participants of the conversation.

“The first caller have the power to capture and monitor calls, and was not aware of the participants, especially, if he (the first caller) has a corporate account,” says Justin Brookman, Director of the Privacy and technology policy at the Consumer Reports.

Menurutpakar Consumer Reports Rowenna Fielding, we recommend the user to turn off the camera and the microphone, except when actually speaking on the Zoom.

If you turn it on, no choice, the camera, we recommend the user to close the background image. So that other users can not monitor the situation behind the user. For example, by the walls as your background if you call a video.

If the user is concerned with the security of their privacy, to advise Fielding, a unique E-Mail address, the delete specifically for Zoom, cookies, and block you the story after a search.

In addition to the Zoom, there are other applications that can be the solution to provide privacy to their users, such as Houseparty, Signal, up to Jitsi are classified. [*/Son]

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