Cruella De Vil: the villain from another perspective

Live Action of a very famous Disney classic released in May 2021 is Cruellafeature film that traces the complete story of the infamous Disney antagonist, Cruella De Mona character known to be definitely over the top and one of a kind.


The film, real prequel de 101 Dalmatians and it’s One Hundred and One Dalmatiansis directed by Craig Gillespie and has as its protagonist Estella De Monplayed by the very good Emma Stonean emerging stylist in Punk London in the 70s, discovered by The Baronesswho will later turn out to be his antagonist, plays da Emma Thompson, director of a very famous fashion house of the time. Also in the cast Joel Fryfamous for the Game of Thronesand the comedian American actor Paul Walter Hauser. Produced in America, the film was supposed to debut at the end of 2020, but due to covid, however, filming was postponed. Already the teasers trailer, made up of film clips, seems to anticipate the story of a strong, emancipated, brilliant but above all wicked woman. The true story of Cruella De Vil, the famous woman with black and white fur who has been present in our worst nightmares since we were children.


The story begins with a scene set in 1960s England when Estella Miller she was just a child, but already with a remarkably marked and developed personality (even already with half white hair), and it was at that time that her mother nicknamed her Cruella. Ten years later, after losing her mother, Cruella De Vil grows up amid vandalism, in the company of her two adoptive brothers, named Jasper And Horace. But just when she seemed to lose hope of fulfilling her dream of working in fashion, she was noticed by “La Baronessa”, a renowned high fashion designer, who gave Cruella De Vil a great career opportunity; however, it will take very little to lose the trust of her “boss”. One day, Cruella De Vil noticed a necklace worn by the Baroness, which before her belonged to her mother: so, undercover, she decided to steal it from her. When it was revealed that Estrella and Cruella were the same person, the Baroness tried to kill her. Very soon the valet of La Baronessa ran to Cruella’s aid revealing the whole truth to her: the necklace she wore around her neck was actually a key that opened her casket containing the documents of Estrella’s birth; this meant that the real biological mother was her, The Baroness (well yes, spoiler!). After a start in which she seemed to regret her intention to kill her, the Abbess will show herself in all her wickedness and will be arrested.

A truly dynamic and engaging film, set in the story that has raised generations, but this time from the perspective of “the bad one”, remembering that the real villains are not always the ones who make us believe.

Source for Cruella De Vil: the “bad” from another perspective: Cruella (2021) and Wikipedia

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