Cruise with possible cases of coronavirus docking in Yucatan


Progress.- The cruise Marella Explorer 2 atracaría this afternoon to disembark to 50 passengers british, among which unofficially it was learned would be 4 crew members infected Covid-19who will be brought to the Merida International airport to be sent to the United Kingdom.

Apparently would be transferred in three lorries that would go to the port of height.

The consignee agent Jorge Baqueiro Baqueiro confirmed that the shipping is cheap has scheduled its mooring on Monday, and family of the staff working at the spring high draft expressed their fear of this landing as it has been handled with a lot of stealth on the part of port authorities and specifically the API.

The shipping agent of the cruise stated that only atracaría to perform “a service”, although it was not specified what could

Were do I find out that this cruise from 5 days ago I was in Barbados, where it was stated that there was a crew of 4 people with coronavirus.

Some were moved back to the Uk and others were refused permission to fly on their health status and serious now when volarían to their country of origin.


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