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Cryptocurrencies are falling! Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin are heading lower against the dollar (BTCUSD, ETHUSD, DOGEUSD)

Cryptocurrencies are falling!  Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin are heading lower against the dollar (BTCUSD, ETHUSD, DOGEUSD)

In the article you will discover:

How much will we currently pay for bitcoin, ethereum or dogecoin?

The fight between the bulls and bears continues. Investors are scrutinizing bitcoin charts, waiting for the formation of a golden cross to appear. If it comes to completion, it will be a good sign for the bulls.

How many dollars do we pay for bitcoin?

The BTCUSD pair spent much of the day yesterday moving in the zone of 0.45800 – 46200.00 USD. Then it took a dip but bounced and broke the $ 46200.00 resistance level. At its highest it was trading at $ 46,398.00. Today, the cryptocurrency has hit the current high near this point, at $ 46384.36, but then it has started to fall and is currently hovering around the $ 44700.00 level. The current low is at $ 44550.04, below the previous day’s low of $ 44754.09. Now, we will pay 44656.05 USD for one bitcoin.


The price of the ETHUSD pair

Ethereum managed to recover against the dollar yesterday, rising from the low marked at the beginning of the day at $ 3,234.35 to the high of $ 3,466.65 reached in the afternoon. However, this cryptocurrency is currently heading lower. Ethereum is already well below the high marked at $ 3,429.84. The lowest value has been touched at 3251.00 USD. Currently, this currency pair is trying to stop the decline. Right now, it is trading at $ 3,277.54.


The value of dogecoin against the US dollar

DOGEUSD rebounded strongly last night, reaching $ 0.24779725 at its highest point. However, dogecoin failed to stay in this zone and, similarly to bitcoin and ethereum, it is falling. The highest value touched today so far is at $ 0.25476149, while the low has been marked at $ 0.23855564, below Sunday’s low, reached at $ 0.23895171. Currently, we will pay $ 0.24003000 for one dogecoin.


Currency pairs


Exchange rate


Bitcoin exchange rate against the dollar


44 656.05 USD

13.09.21, 5:11

Ethereum exchange rate against the dollar


3277.54 USD

13.09.21, 5:11

Exchange rate of dogecoin against the euro


$ 0.24003000

13.09.21, 5:11

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