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Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin worries the market about collapse of more than 10%

The Bitcoin had a sudden collapse of more than 8% in a cable day in the market, its value is of $ 46,000. The decline in the main currency of cryptocurrencies dragged the others and for example Etherum showed a 15% decline, what positions it in the $ 3,300. In the digital market 7 out of 10 cryptocurrencies are in the red.

Behind Bitcoin, the downs were joined by Cardano, with a fall of 18.29%, Binance Coin (-16.81%), XRP (-19.03%), Dogecoin (-19.72%) and lastly, Polkadot (-18.50%). The cryptocurrency that fell the least is USD Coin and the only two that maintain their growth but at low levels, Solana and Tether.

Cryptocurrency fall

The fall of Bitcoin and the drag on the others, occurs in the middle of the debut as legal tender in The Savior, country of little more than 6.4 million inhabitants, which became the first in the world to adopt Bitcoin as a legal asset, as stipulated by a law that was expressly approved last June by Parliament, controlled by the president’s party Nayib bukele amid criticism from the population, banks and international organizations.

On September 6, the Bitcoin was leading cryptocurrencies and had overcome his bad streak achieving exceed $ 51,000 for the first time in almost four months, but this situation puts her back on the ropes.

The Government of Bukele, president of El Slavador, assured that the controversial measure will contribute to the banking of the population and will avoid a loss of 400 million dollars in the remittances that Salvadorans send from abroad and that represent 22% of GDP, although some experts question it.

Cryptocurrencies today

Bitcoin was comfortably above $ 51,000, but today it has plummeted to $ 43,000. Ethereum, for its part, has gone from having slightly exceeded $ 4,000 to falling to $ 3,150, a much greater collapse than that of bitcoin and that has reached exceed 20%.

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