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Cryptocurrencies: the price of the spot with crypto is ironed

One day after the STEP 2021 legislative elections, the purchase price of the blue dollar is around $ 182 and the sale price reaches $ 185.

The price of crypto cash, on the other hand, rose due to user speculation and ranges between $ 188 and, in some cases, exceeds $ 320.

Dollar STEP 2021: how cryptocurrencies trade when the polls close

What is crypto cash (CCC)? Today, Bitcoin and Ether are positioned as the two most popular cryptocurrencies in the entire crypto ecosystem. Its main characteristic is that their price is moved by supply and demand, therefore, they are volatile digital assets.

Instead, there are other cryptocurrencies – such as USDT, DAI and BUSD – that its price is totally stable, in other words, they always have a quote of US $ 1.

These cryptocurrencies with zero volatility They are known in Argentine slang as “crypto dollars”, because have one-to-one parity with US dollars and they serve to take refuge from the volatility of both the peso and Bitcoin and Ether.

Also, crypto dollars are known as “counted with crypto”, because Argentines convert their Argentine pesos into digital dollars through virtual wallets and cryptocurrency exchanges and thus can save in foreign currency.

Although its price is usually (almost) equal to that of the blue dollar, by STEP 2021, users of the main digital exchanges began to speculate and the sale price is around $ 190.

Along these lines, Pablo Sabbatella, growth leader at Exactly Finance and founder of Defy Education, explained to Infotechnology Why the price of crypto dollars skyrocketed during the elections on Sunday, September 12: “DAI and USDT cryptocurrencies trade 24 hours a day, unlike other types of dollar such as blue. Of course there is speculation and, after all, price has to do with supply and demand. In general, the price of DAI and USDT is going to be higher than the blue dollar because there is an additional cost when buying. That is, you pay a commission for the operation. What’s more, as these are small markets, they have some volatility“.

This speculation already began days before the elections and Argentines who invest in cryptocurrencies published the rise in prices on Twitter:

Next, the quotations of the cash with crypto and Bitcoin in the different exchanges, wallets and platforms in Argentina.

Elections STEP 2021: how much are crypto dollars and Bitcoin this Monday, September 13


How much are crypto dollars like DAI and USDT trading at on Binance?

On Binance, there are posts to buy DAIs ranging from $ 191 -the cheapest- and $ 324 -the mask.

Source: Binance.

Instead, USDT buy posts through Binance are around $ 188.63 and $ 324.15.

Source: Binance.

Source: Binance.

How much are crypto dollars on Bitso, ArgenBTC, SatoshiTango and Ripio?

According to the Coinmonitor site, in Bitso, the purchase of DAI is around $ 188.50 Meanwhile in SatoshiTango the same cryptocurrency is bought for $ 196.45.

Source: Coinmonitor.

According to the same source, Ripio offers the cheapest crypto dollar on the market to $ 186.91, followed by ArgenBTC where it trades at $ 187.50.

How much is Bitcoin in Argentine pesos?

According to Coinmonitor data, a Bitcoin is equal to $ 8,207,274 and the median sale price is $ 8,422,877.

Source: Coinmonitor

In this line, in Binance, there are Argentines selling “satoshis“, that is, only a portion of Bitcoin for a higher value.

Source: Binance.

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