CS: GO – With This Old and New Content Valve Celebrates 20 Years Counter-Strike


20 years Counter-Strike: That must be celebrated! Valve apparently thought so too and released some new old content for “CS: GO” yesterday with the update.

With the CS20 collection, numerous new weapon skins are being implemented in the latest CS offshoot, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first-person shooter series. At the same time, an old weapon comes into play again and the revised cache hops officially on the casual, deathmatch, and scrimmage servers.

Competitive fun since 1999

Who’s been around since Counter-Strike 1.6 may still remember the knife they used to play with. Exactly this knife can now be pulled out of the new CS20 box in 13 different variations and 17 other retroesque weapon skins. In addition, there is a sticker capsule, which is thematically dedicated to the big moments of the Counter-Strike story.

If you want to take a closer look at both knives and weapons in all variations, you can click through the galleries below this entry and be convinced by the birthday case.

Old and new united

With the processing of the CS history, the revised cache map comes naturally in this update very convenient. So you can now play the card again in the opportunity, training and deathmatch mode – in the official map pool, it has not returned yet. There, the repeatedly updated Vertigo still towers at its former location.

In the next few weeks may still follow some content on the occasion of the anniversary. How do you like the update for the 20th Counter-Strike birthday so far? Write to us with your opinion in the comments.


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