CSIC scientists explain why food poisoning increases in summer in “Mediodía COPE” – Mediodía COPE

In our country, the celebrations of both weddings ended in horror.total 40 people drunk.Territorial delegation of the Epidemiological Surveillance Service taking samples determine the cause Poisoning incidents and to determine whether the death was related to possible food poisoning.

Poisoning incidents increase in summer

According to commentsarrive Alfonso Carrascosa, CSIC Scientistin COPE the symptoms of food poisoning are acute gastroenteritis, Depending on the severity, it may be milder or more serious. Some poisonings, such as the recent tortilla poisoning, “do more damage than gastroenteritis because it causes neuronal damage.”

Overall, experts confirm summer poisonings have increased as “The cold chain has been broken at some point and microorganism That’s developing a little bit in the food and producing Toxic Chemicals for organisms”.

As Carrascosa explained in the COPE mic, in these cases you first have to meet people and find common ground, and then find food in the business, as he points out, “We have the best food safety system”.world” and start investigation. “He’s pulling on the rope to see what’s going on, but it’s going to take time, weeks. “

high temperature Accelerates the growth of bacteria in food. The raw foods at greatest risk are eggs, fish, shellfish and even meat. These symptoms include abdominal pain, nausea or vomiting, although José Javier Vara, director of the emergency department at the University Clinic of Navarra, explained in COPE that these symptoms do not affect all patients equally.

“It depends more on the person, age, other pre-existing medical conditions or pregnancy, which makes it more severe than in other people who don’t have these problems.”

Finally, it states that in order to prevent poisoning from occurring, it is necessary to Wash hands and used utensils and cook food.

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