Cuauhtemoc Blanco reports first death in Morelos by coronavirus


Morelos recorded the first death by Covid-19 and in accordance with the ministry of Health of the state there are six confirmed cases of coronavirus, 26 remain as suspects, and another 50 have been discarded.

The death of the patient was communicated by the governor Cuauhtemoc Blanco on his Twitter account: “it is With sadness that we communicate to the citizens the first death by COVID-19 in Morelos. This is a man 37 years of age, who received health care in Cuernavaca, had a history of travel to the united States. Our most sincere condolences to family and friends,” he wrote.

Health state reported separately from a new suspected case in a male of 44 years old, sent to his house under strict surveillance brigades epidemiological.

The Secretariat of Health took the opportunity to inform you that yesterday the governor Cuauhtémoc Blanco Bravo ordered the publication in the Official Newspaper “Land and Freedom” the Agreement to establish the necessary measures that must be implemented by the entity to mitigate and control the risks for the disease coronavirus COVID-19.

In that Agreement it is highlighted that starting today, the civil authorities, individuals, as well as municipal entities, are required to implement the interventions indicated in the National Day of Healthy Distance (JNSD).

The regulations set cancel non-essential activities, to carry out the withdrawal of the family at home, to respect the social distancing of at least a metre and a half between people, as well as to maintain and strengthen the basic measures of hygiene, especially the washing of hands every half an hour with soap and water.

In addition to suspend temporarily the acts of the sectors public, social and private that involve physical concentration, transit or displacement of people until the 19th of April.

It should be noted, exhibited the Secretariat of Health, which will continue to work the business, business, mercantile establishments, and all those which are necessary to face the contingency, such as hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, laboratories, medical services, financial, telecommunications and media.

In terms of hotel services and restaurants, gas stations, markets, supermarkets, convenience stores, miscellaneous, public transport will continue in operation long when it does not correspond to enclosed spaces with crowds, having to limit its capacity in terms of capacity and social distancing meter and a half between people.


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