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peruvian singer Kevin Pedraza At the age of 19, he was killed in a car accident while riding a motorcycle.The cumbia translation was moved to Hospital He remained in the intensive care unit in critical condition until his death in the Lambayeque area of ​​Chiclayo city.

group member Kevin Pedraza and True Passion He was returning from studying accounting at the Technological University of Peru.

Based on information from the hospital, experts are convinced he suffered severe head injuries, multi-system trauma, aspiration pneumonia and fractures to his wrist and tibia. republic.

His girlfriend Jhanina Tocto Pariah shared on social networks that she couldn’t believe the news and messaged her bid farewell: “You left my life. You left a void in my heart. Dad God, take care of him, take care of me from heaven. I need you. Not you, my love”, while acknowledging that I feel “unexpressible pain of”.

posthumous version of singer kevin pedraza

Despite the first reports that Jaen-born Pedraza was convinced he had crashed into a truck that was apparently speeding, state police have opened an investigation into the case and the driver has been detained.

His father, who is demanding justice because he is convinced the person involved consumed alcoholic beverages when the vehicle of the person who sang songs such as “La carpuela,” “La Toxic” and “El que nunca te olvida” crashed, said on his YouTube channel Has 21,300 followers.

“What we want is justice because no one will give me my son back. We will get this loved one back for nothing,” he said, according to media reports, as he demanded that the perpetrators be punished. “

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