curiosity at home in Miami

Leo Messi he recently moved with his family to North America to start a new adventure with Inter Miami David Beckham. The former PSG, his wife Antonela Rocuzzo and children currently live in a luxury apartment located at: Porsche Design Tower, 195-meter 60-storey skyscraper overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. According to rumors, the Messi family will live in 47th floor and the apartment will cost $5.2 million.

Messi, house in Miami and elevator for the car

Among the various services offered by the building, there is also a special option, almost unique in the world, that few can afford: a cylindrical elevator that allows you to go up by car to the living room. This is possible thanks to the presence of three elevators located in the center of the tower, which can be reached directly by car. Having chosen the plane, without ever releasing the helm, you go up to your apartment. Subsequently, the trolley bus turns the car around and then drives it towards the garage, which is located directly in front of the house, separated only by a glass door. It’s not hard to imagine that Messi will then be able to admire the beauty of his car while sipping mate on the couch.

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