Currently, UNWTO benefits more than 22,000 policyholders in polyclinics

Affiliates, beneficiaries and beneficiaries of polyclinics in Region 1 have an innovative system that enables them to receive medical assistance by phone and obtain medicines at the door of their home or workplace. That’s Telemedicine Mentoring (OMT), a program that brings services closer to people, providing immediate medical care.

According to Dr. Mario Augusto Berdugo Santizo, a doctor at the polyclinic’s call centre, OMT is a service recently created by IGSS for its affiliates so that they can report their illness and receive information by phone from anywhere in the metropolitan area. Take the medicine within two hours.

Conditions treated by OMT doctors include: diarrhea, low back pain, urinary tract infections, and gastritis. “When patients bring up other conditions, we guide them symptomatically and invite them to the emergency room or an outpatient clinic,” Verdugo explained.

Conditions treated by OMT doctors are: diarrhea, low back pain, urinary tract infection and gastritis

The service is part of a program currently benefiting more than 22,500 insureds in polyclinics; however, the service will soon be expanded to additional medical units and is being analyzed to include other conditions.

The main benefit of OMT is that the member can receive medical care and medicines where he is. “The patient should not move, for example due to diarrhoea. He calls, he is attended to, and medication is brought, which may include analgesics, antibiotics, or cramps, among others,” the doctor reported.

To contact UNWTO, please call 2291-8484, Monday through Friday, 7:00 am to 3:00 pm. “The service ends at 3pm, but the delivery of medicines is extended until 5pm,” he explained.

Berdugo emphasized that the basic requirements for accessing this service are membership in the polyclinic, stating their DPI or affiliation number, and scheduling an external consultation appointment.

Finally, he urged affiliates of the unit to use the service, as the aforementioned medical form does not warrant travel to the institute for emergencies. “I invite our affiliates to use UNWTO as a service to their benefit as they save time and money,” he concluded.

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