Curry and the Warriors: intractable

Statistics say that if the Golden State Warriors exceed 100 points, there is practically no rival to beat them this season. They only had 45 to the equator, with Stephen Curry keeping his team with his magic as almost the only offensive beacon, but the truth is that they were also managing to contain the Clippers in attack, so they dominated the scene.

The third quarter was on the same lines, with more shadows than lights when looking at the hoop. Little by little the Clippers began to rally, placing themselves only one possession away. But then Jordan Poole appeared to take the reins as Steph took a well-deserved break on the bench. And to this awakening, the Clippers responded; or rather Paul George did. Suddenly the meeting had stretched and transformed into what everyone had been waiting for almost 36 minutes on the clock: a points festival, splurge on top and chofs.

And then the one who leads the pools to MVP of the year returned. Steph played Steph, and his pylon hammer from triple the Clippers had no reaction; the game was broken in a seen and not seen, raising the advantage above fifteen points and leaving it seen for sentence in its final five minutes. With 33 points and 7 of 13 in triples, Curry finished the top scorer in NBA Sunday, while Otto Porter Jr, who also gave away his best version in the second half, went up to 18 points and 10 rebounds, to finish with a a +22 net rating.

For the Clippers, Paul George scored 30 points, while Morris and Bledsoe added 13 points each, with no other member of the roster reaching double digits. Tyronn Lue set a risky slate when he tried to tip the game in his favor, lining up a small quintet, taking Morris off the court, not giving entry to Ibaka and leaving Harttenstein as a big reference. But he played it against the king of small ball, Steve Kerr, and the Warriors began to move the ball with the speed that characterizes them at the same time that the triples decided to finally enter.

18-2 and very close to being ‘all’

The season’s top scorer duel is red hot right now, with Kevin Durant and Curry vying for the copper, with 28.6 and 28.4 points respectively. But when it comes to ranking, both the Nets and GSW dominate their respective conferences, but with the Warriors four fewer losses.

Wiseman and Thompson are about to return (they are already on their way to the G League, he has reported ESPN). And their companions await them with the table set.

(Cover photo Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images)

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