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Strong and confident, Belinda says she’s single and uncommitted. The relationship with the businessman Gonzalo Hevia is a thing of the past. Belinda is focused on projects to advance her career as a singer with her new label. Recently, it was rumored that her ex-boyfriend gave her a car, she immediately denied it, and promised that she worked hard and did not need anyone to give her a gift.

Cynthia Criber

good news. A pathological study of the polyp removed from Cynthia Kritbo a few days ago showed no cancer cells. Luckily, Cynthia is alright, some polyps were found in her stomach due to gastroenteritis (very serious) and after surgical intervention and intensive treatment with antibiotics she has taken very good care of herself, with exceptional circumstances. Diet, put in no effort for a massive physique, and have the peace of mind of knowing she’s healthy and improving. Let me tell you, in the “Secretos de Villana” reality show he recorded in Canada, the producer arranged for him a chef to prepare a special diet for him. She is very depressed. ! ! Congratulations! !

Notes and more notes…

Lucero Mijares is now free from a broken ankle, and he is at home in The Illusionist. When she’s not on the show, her mother Lucero will be with her, and producer Juan Torres is already considering doing a special relaunch feature. I’m done with more names next week…

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