Cut-out hip pants are a basic and sexy outfit for the 90s.

TOv is seen on celebrities, popular on Instagram and TikTok, has runway endorsements. OUR side cut trousers they are one of the strongest summer 2023 trends and the good news is that now it is finally clear how to pair them with taste.

August outfit: 5 elegant outfits worth copying

August outfit: 5 elegant outfits worth copying

Simple yet sexy with details on the hips. clear imprint of the 90s. One of the latest trendsetters to try in August.

Where did we see them?

Their fame is undeniable in several ways. Even if, as is often the case, it is fashion show looks that point to the top model and the perfect outfit to try on this season. Among all the stylists who proposed them on the catwalk, the brand hails from Byron Bay Saint Agni: for those who sound new, among the most loved It Girl caliber Kendall Jenner AND Bella Hadid. Pants with cutouts Link details Australian brand fully reflect the trend of the moment. Made of light and durable viscose, they have a straight leg, slightly flared towards the bottom. ring detail on the side turtles that stand out.

Detail of St. Agni PE23 (Photo: Spotlight Launchmetrics).

The cut is the same as the trousers of the legendary nineties, tight, but slippery; color, classic black which makes them, for all intents and purposes, a minimal piece that is easier to wear than you might think. For those who are still in doubt, the item from the fashion show is currently for sale online and you can find several similar ones in inexpensive stores, from Zara to H&M.

Look with cutout trousers by St.Agni SS23 (Photo: Spotlight Launchmetrics).

What to wear with cutout pants in the summer of 2023

First question that comes up: with what to combine cropped trousers, solving the problem of visible underwear? Simply opt for slim-sided briefs to wear low or extra high, tucking the drawstring under one of the rings – and thereby accentuating the more sensual side of the pants. The rest of the look, with a seductive touch, is based on the basics for a summer party with neutral nuances: starting from bandeau top trend in tone-on-tone lurex to achieve naked sandals with flat lists.

An insider outfit that can be copied from head to toe to spice up looks that are the same for summer evenings based on mini dresses and shorts. Since morning, pants slit on the sides they can be combined with a contrasting one-piece swimsuit in white or brown, which elegantly solves the painful issue of underwear.

And, surprisingly, they will come in handy in September in combination with a men’s shirt that needs to be worn inside. At least until they are replaced with a winter counterpart, trousers with a slit in the front at the ankles …


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